Bat Nouveau – Metamorphosis

Bat Nouveau - Metamorphosis (2014)Bat Nouveau‘s origins begin with Todd Manion (Vocals/Bass) and Alex Palmer (Guitar/Programming) from Brisbane Australia in 2008. The original band name was 13 Bats, however under the threat of a lawsuit from another band of the same name, in 2011 13 Bats became Bat Nouveau! After the release of critically acclaimed EP’s Dust and Deathmask/ Funeral Eyes, Bat Nouveau have finally released their first full length album Metamorphosis. My first impressions of the band were left during the song Deathmask (track nine), a sobering wake up call of hard hitting Gothic Rock. The chainsaw wielding guitar distortion and rapid drum sequences give much adulation to the classic sounds of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry; classic Goth executed superbly with added Deathrock/Postpunk for added potency.

Metamorphosis kicks off the droning and moaning with The Cry, a powerful intro applying post punk dexterity. Portent delivers a catchy guitar riff worthy of any Deathrock dance floor, almost a punk rock version of the Batman theme song. The third track Lilies II seems to be a continuation of Lilies from the original 13 Bats release Dust. This time with additional ambient soundscapes pitted against Todd’s spoken word, a pleasant rest for further Batcave funeral drudgery. The next song is the classic Dust re-recorded. I hate to say it, I love this album but I prefer the original recording from the Dust EP. Maybe I found the bass intro slightly off kilter to be a little distracting, it just didn’t deliver the same 13 Bats powered thrust as the first.

Hung High is a bar brawl brimming with Nick Cave attitude. Followed by Slowburn, a catchy demonstration of carnal rock ‘n roll savagery! Continuing the onslaught is Wreckage, a disorderly punk rock assault for the ear canals. Things pleasantly slow down with Ghosteps with its creamy guitar chorus and delay, making a beautiful nature walk across ghostly cemeteries all the more beautiful. I love a band that can switch gears so dramatically of perfect melancholic beauty to heavy post punk Gothic rock. Which brings me to my personal favorite of this the album Funeral Eyes. Beautifully written, enchanting and dark. This song, if you allow it, can swallow you whole, enveloping you in its beautiful embrace, absolutely a track to be reckoned with…

Finally the album ends with Our Black Day reminiscent of Mephisto Walz‘s Bari Bari with a bit of post punk undertones. I find this album to be absolutely phenomenal, I highly recommend Metamorphosis for any fans of the Lorrys, She Past Away, Car Crash International, Wreckage, and Mephisto Walz. ► by Dj Detra

Bat Nouveau – Metamorphosis (2014)

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