Autumn Twilight – Signs with Gothic Music Records

Autumn TwilightAutumn Twilight recently close a deal with Gothic Music Records to release a chronicles compilation with the best songs of the band according to Oskar Terramortis’ playlist who chose personally the tracks in the same vein as he did with the Miazma‘s anthology.

Oskar Terramortis declared to us, “this is one of my fave bands from the current third wave, they’re unique, never thought someone will make something like this kinda progressive gothic rock if you want to call it like that, they’re just an amazing band. I think many people who are between Gothic rock and Gothic metal will love this compilation”. The Anthology release date is soon to be announced.

Autumn Twilight is a Hungarian band was formed in 2000.
After some introducing demo, the first album the Dream Seeks Dreamer (2006) was published in HammerWorld magazine (earlier called Metal Hammer) as an extra CD. They released 7000 pieces of the CD.

In 2009 publised the Believe Faith EP, as a kind of introduction/preview of the new LP, called Sequel (2010). The band last CD was the Alteration EP (2011). Many tracks of the band were published on different kind of compilation CD, for example: Gothic Visions (D), Over the Under, Let the Hammer Fall, Shock, Gothica, Nightbreed DVD.

Autumn Twilight played on many festivals for example: Fekete Zaj fesztivál (Black noise festival-Hungarian festival), Gothica, Nightbreed, EFOTT festival, Metal Mania, Shock-festival, and played with famous foreign bands like Christian Death, IKON, Flowing Tears and Samael.

The melancholic and melodic impression of the music became more and more sophisticated and more characteristic and left behind the original properties of the gothic and metal style. The recent Autumn Twilight is determined by intensive mood, dynamic sounds, accurate and complex melodies, and focous on guitar themes. The main category of the lyrics, and most of the lyrics are spiritual and transcendental.


Péter Kixx/guitar/vocal 2000-
Tamás Csekk/bass 2000-
István Mándli/guitar 2008-
Csaba Finna/guitar 2005-2007
Győző Aponyi/guitar 2000-2005
Attila Erdei/drums 2011-
Máté Kocsis/drums 2008-2009
János Farkas/drums 2009-2010
József Boros/drums 2002-2007
László Makara/drums 2000-2001


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