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Autumn Twilight - SequelAutumn Twilight is a very talented band from Budapest, Hungary. There’s not much info about them in their Facebook profile. Hope that the band is still active, because this “Sequel”, is a really interesting album; with some of the finest Pure Gothic Rock of the new millennium.

They have three releases: “Alteration EP” (2011), “Sequel” (2010) & “Dreams Seeks Dreamer” (2006). The line-up is: Peter Kiss (guitar and voice), Mandli Itsvan (guitar), Csekk Tamas (bass), and Varga sandor (drums).

As I said before, their music is pure Gothic Rock pretty well constructed. They have a great guitar work in the vein of Love Like Blood, or Into The Abyss; combined with the sheer elegance of The Mission, and Big Electric Cat. The band has their own style and personality, they are easy to identify.

If you love traditional Gothic Rock, Autumn Twilight will capture your attention, and you will fall under the spell of their music. This is a high quality record, they are very talented; and this was made with inspiration, passion and the musical execution is pretty remarkable. When you listen to the first song: “Believe on faith”, you will be hooked with their really fine rendition of the Gothic Rock style.

The voice has unique style; and the guitar work is brilliant: at the beginning of the song, the guitar literally sings. The rhythm section displays talent; and great skill and sensibility, when creating the base for the song and the changes, and they work great together. “Sequel” is really dynamic, this song flows with radiant energy all the time.”Alcyone” was the first song that I listened from Autumn Twilight (while listening some episode of This Is Gothic Rock, some time ago). This song impressed me since the first time I listened to it; it is simply brilliant, and the guitars have really climatic moments. Fascinating song.

”Hopes and doubts” comes with the moment of introspection and nostalgic feel, a really passionate song it is. With ”Evestrum” the album lifts off again with a well made combination of melody, energy, and the best Gothic Rock. ”

The pain of oblivion” is mid tempo; it’s exquisite, and pretty well constructed. “Tribulation and rapture” is a twist: This song is Gothic Rock with an aggressive edge, lots of energy, and hard-sounded guitar riffs. “Amen” it’s an instrumental tune; and closes this album in a very vertiginous way.

Hope that Autumn Twilight came with a new release and put an end to the silence. They are very talented musicians and songwriters. In my opinion, they play in the same league of such fine Gothic Rock acts as Salvation AMP, or The Last Cry. Play this record, and let the magic begin…. ► by Daniel Olvera


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