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Astari Night – Divination (Official Video)




Obsession, witchcraft and mystery are combined in this new video for Astari Nite’s single “Divination.” The short clip was filmed and directed by a fan of the band, Pierina Hidalgo. The concept behind the production was inspired by anime characters “Yandere,” a Japanese term that describes a female character who obsesses over someone(usually the main character) and becomes psychotic and violent because of it.

“Divination” is the third single off Astari Nite’s new EP Dreams of Majesty, released in August via Cleopatra Records (U.S.) and Danse Macabre Records (Europe) . The song is a new-wave balad with deep vocals and post-punk guitars. The bass and synths add an harmonious texture to the melancholic melodies that will certainly be the like of fans of Interpol and David Bowie.

“I was speechless when I viewed the Divination video. For someone to take time out of their life to create what I feel is pure art simply touches my heart. Pierina had a vision and brought the song to life, in return we wanted to show the world what she created.” –M.G.

Pierina Hidalgo is a writer, director and musician. She graduated
from Florida International University with an English degree and film certificate, and currently works at  FilmGate Miami.

About Astari Nite

Astari Nite channels an obscure beauty in the crossfire between new-wave and post-punk. Formed in 2008 after years of internalized ideas and melodies, the band quickly became the referents of Post punk and New Wave in Florida. This four-piece band consisting of Mychael Ghost (lead vocals), Illia Tulloch (drums), M. Sallons (bass) and Howard Melnick (guitar) explores the themes of love, submission, magic and melancholy through their dense and quasi-cinematic productions. Inspired by iconic acts like The Cure, New Order, Depeche Mode, and Placebo, Astari Nite offers a timeless combination of thoughtful lyricism, stirring vocals, and 80’s instrumentalism. Along with headlining numerous national and international shows, Astari Nite has shared the stage with Peter Murphy, The Psychedelic Furs, She Wants Revenge, Cold Cave, VOWWS, Modern English, and Andy Rourke of The Smiths.

Upcoming Shows

Saturday, December 2nd – Dark Basel at The Ground, Miami. With 3Teeth, VOWWS, Bestial Mouths, Sci-Fi Affair and more.

Saturday, January 6th – Twist in the Dark, Ybor City. With 31G, Reality Asylum, Lilith.

Saturday, January 13th – The Kitchen Club, Miami. With Book of Love.

Thursday, February 1st – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow. With Das Ich

Friday, February 2nd – Ruby Lounge, Manchester. With Das Ich

Saturday, February 3rd – Electrowerkz, London. With Das Ich


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