Antti Lautala (Silent Scream, Neu Zaum) appeared on the Finnish TV


Antti Lautala

Antti Lautala (Silent Scream, Neu Zaum, Varjo) appeared on the Finnish TV talking about his early 90’s band Apulanta.  On friday 9th of September it will the premiere of Teit meistä kauniin film (watch the trailer on YouTube) which is based on Apulanta‘s early days. The TV documentary is some kind of “making off” of the Tei meistä kauniin film and includes band members comments, for now is only available in Finnish, you can watch it HERE.

Lautala: Teit meistä kauniin film “It is very much based on truth but we as members of the band are not actually acting ourselves in the movie. It is directed by ex-bass player of the band, Tuukka Temonen.”

Antti Lautala was member of Apulanta between 1991 – 1994 after that he form the band Varjo. On the documentary you can see Apulanta guys stealing a drums set and also Antti getting mad when he read an interview in some fanzine.

Lautala told us why he got so mad: “And I got mad to the band because they gave an interview where they said something which was against my political values. They gave really stupid answers to an interview partly to provocate to interviewer and partly because they were young and naive. Eventually giving an impression of us being a redneck right wing band. So, I pretty much said fuck off I will leave the band.”

Lautala recently released his third album with Silent Scream entitled “Carrion Screaming” which was released by 3 different record labels: Stupido Records (Finland), Mass Media Records (USA), Occult Whispers (USA). Carrion Screaming cover artwork was made by Mark Ferelli (Part 1).

In a previous interview Lautala Spoke about Varjo‘s beginning right after he quitted Apulanta: “Varjo was formed 1995 by myself as a singer/guitarist and Henry Waldén as a guitarist. We bought a drum machine. Kaide Luukkonen joined for a steady bass player for next ten years. We made couple of EP’s at the late 90’s. The first drummer joined before the first album and drum machine was abandoned. We released 5 albums in between 2000 – 2010. The Silent Scream line up was the very last Varjo line up and we made the last album “Viimeinen näytös” (The Last Act). Varjo became the most successful goth band of it’s time in Finland. We were many times in TV and played concerts around Finland. We reached kind of a cult status, but never really broke to mainstream.  READ the complete interview HERE

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