Also – Locked in a Cold Room 1990 – 2001


Also ‎– Locked In A Cold Room 1990-2001Locked in a Cold Room is a nostalgic look back at the German Goth Rock trio Also. Nestled accordingly in between titans of 90’s Goth Rock such as The Wake, Corpus Delicti and IKON amongst others, Also have brought back it’s darkness with this new compilation. This album features the best and most significant songs of the band’s six album career.

Heavily influenced by the likes of Bauhaus and Joy Division, Alexander Schmidt’s vocal stylings accompanied by Tine Warmhold (Keyboards, Backing vocals) and Oliver Gnass (Bass) created some authentically inspired Goth Rock during the second wave of the scene’s legacy. This collection also features a wide array of distinguished songs such as the beautiful piano ballad Vincent Price‘s Torture Chamber, professing the band’s love for the late great film star and his macabre persona.

Other songs such as Black Rumbuh remind me of how Siouxsie would flirt with Caribbean music styles and instruments. Dark, leisurely paced melodies can be heard with the funeral lament Elegie, a shadowy precession of Gothic nourishment if one is to be so inclined.

Some of my personal favorite tracks include Foehn Suberb, magnificent Goth Rock that transport’s the listener with atmospheric, dance floor friendly, Peter Murphy excellence. Carrion Alive reeks with Batcave sentiments, a tribal ceremony wrecking havoc and casting shadows across cavern walls; a must listen, if one were to choose a single song from this compilation. The opening track Cold Room is beautiful, a cemetery sound scape with dance friendly beats, an excellent intro for this well rounded album.

Locked in a Cold Room 1990-2001 is a superb look back at this little known band. Finding their original albums is a difficult task, however you can purchase this compilation through their bandcamp site which also serves as information for future releases or re-releases (hopefully?) of the band.

Singer Alexander Schmidt also has two albums under his solo project (You New Me, Dust to Dust) found through his band camp under the solo project name Alexander Dust. https://alexanderdust.bandcamp.com/ Fans of Also will not be disappointed!

For patrons of Goth Rock in general especially from the 90’s era, I highly recommend listening to the tracks mentioned before hand for your own opinions and judgments and of course support for this excellent band. 1990 – 2001 RIP ► by Dj Detra


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