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What was the very first record you bought?

I believe the first record I bought was Rage Against the Machine’s self titled album. Whilst it isn’t very gothy it is still an album I enjoy to this day.

What is the most expensive record you have bought?

The Rainbow Children by Prince! Again not a very gothy answer. It’s a weird jazz and funk album about Jehovah’s Witnesses which isn’t a description you get to write every day is it?

What are your 5 very favourite bands ever?

Again I’ll be letting the goth side down here: Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, The Smashing Pumpkins and Prince. As much as I love all 5 I’m glad life doesn’t limit you to your favourites alone.

Name 5 bands that have changed your life?

I would point again to the top 5 bands. I suppose I should say Grooving in Green too since it has had a very real impact on my life and introduced me to a lot of people I now call friends.

Name your 3 favorite Gothic Fests?

I haven’t really got to see many in the recent years outside of ones I have got to play due to life throwing a few curveballs my way. In the last year I got to see Sacrosanct, SGM in Madrid and the Gothic Castle 3 Festival which were all great in their own unique ways.

Name your 3 favourite gigs as a musician and as a fan

As a musician – Hilden in 2010 was great. We played with some excellent bands like Brotherhood, Sweet William, Reptyle and Clan of Xymox. The Audience was great too. Kicking off Sacrosanct in 2015 was nice- especially given Steve Carey joined us. It was Switch and Simon Rippin’s first gig with us too. Felt good to be alive again. Athens in Greece this year I really enjoyed. The people really made me feel welcome and that always makes a difference.

As a fan these come to mind- Nine Inch Nails in the Astoria 2005 was great. It was my first time seeing them and I am a pathetic fanboy so I was gushing. Prince in 2014 was pretty amazing. He was playing with his all girl band 3rdEyeGirl and blew away the previous two times I’d seen him. Swans in 2014 was also incredible. Michael Gira came across like he was possessed. The music was both incredibly loud and otherworldly.

Name the most 3 influential albums for you as an artist

Only 3? Damn. I guess I’ll just pick 3 I really love. Nine Inch Nails ‘The Fragile’, Bad Religion ‘Generator’ and David Bowie’s Station to Station would be 3 I’ve not stopped listening to since discovering. I don’t think I could ever emulate anything on either of those albums mind you.

Describe yourself with 3 adjectives

Pessimistic. Pacifistic. Awkward.

What is the most overrated gothic band?

Oh dear, I don’t know if I am really in a position to judge that… I also quite like my kneecaps being intact! 😉

What is the most underrated gothic band?

I always think the Dream Disciples deserve a bit more love. Dunno if they are technically underrated though.

In which band would you have liked to play live?

Parliament/Funkadelic back in the 70s must have been incredible. Any footage of their gigs looked like they would have been amazingly fun to be a part of. I can’t play anything though so I would have been a bit useless!

Name 3 new gothic bands that have caught your attention lately

I’ve not got seeing too many bands lately as life has been fairly shitty. Out of the bands we played with recently: Horror Vacui were really good. Nox Interna seemed to have really built up a loyal fanbase since I was first aware of them. Drama Queen seemed pretty different too.

Gothic Rock or Post Punk and why?

I don’t like picking favourites! I think I would say I am better educated in Gothic Rock on the whole so I am more naturally inclined to pick it but I’ve been trying to get a better understanding in Post Punk in the past couple of years and am growing to love it too. Sticking to only one genre is insane regardless!


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