13 Questions to Christer Pilblad (Canis Lupus, EGO & The Replaceables)

Viggo Pilblad (Canis Lupus, EGO & The Replaceables)

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What was the very first record you bought?

The first record I bought (after the kids records) was probably a metal or hard rock album. I grew up in the 80’s, mostly listening to what my cousins and an uncle listened to, so It was either Iron Maiden “The Number of the Beast”, Whitesnake “Slide it In” or Metallica “Ride the Lightning” that was my first record as a restless teenager.

What is the most expensive record have you bought?

I don’t know actually. I tend to not care ‘bout the cost too much. It may sound awful and snobby, but if I want a record I’ll buy it and when it’s done I forget about the price tag. I think it’s more down to earth then bragging about how much this or that record cost. It’s not important, the music is.

What are your 5 very favorite bands ever?

The Church is number one for sure, I could listen to them forever as with The Mission (UK . The three others is more difficult. Maybe the Swedish bands Imperiet and Tiamat and… I don’t know, there’s to many of them. The Clash could be the fifth…?

Name 5 bands that have changed your life?

Judas Priest, The Sweet, The Sisters of Mercy, Ebba Grön and The Clash. They all represent different times in my life when their music and their bands made me listen to other music in their genres. Metal, glam, gothic, Swedish punk, British punk… There is probably more “stages” that has passed by, but you asked for five.

Name your 3 favorite Gothic Fests?

I have only been at two, M’era Luna and Lumous. Don’t like traveling too much if I’m not playing myself. Then I rather stay at home writing songs and spend time with family and friends. Hopefully there will be more gigs in the future so I can have a reason for travelling some more.

Name your 3 favorite gigs as a musician and as fan?

As a musician: Lumous, fresh in mind, was fantastic. Then some of the gigs with Canis Lupus about ten, maybe eleven, years ago at the club Afterhour. The third… Must be an early pub gig with my punk band I had in the early 90’s. Smashed windows so that people outside, that couldn’t get in because it was sold out, could hear and blown fuses due to an overheated guitar amp, and so on. Great fun.

As a fan: The Church at Pusterviksbaren, Gothenburg. I guess it was 1999. The Sisters of Mercy at Arvikafestivalen 1998, I guess It was. The rain was pouring down the whole concert but I couldn’t care less. Kraftwerk, Arvikafestivalen 2004, when my son was only three months old and he sat in a “babybjorn” straped on my chest. He watched (and slept) with his big hearing protections on, while I danced gently to the music. Cozy.

Name the most 3 influential albums for you as an artist

“Electric” – The Cult, “Vision Thing” – The Sisters of Mercy and “Starfish” – The Church.

Describe yourself with 3 adjectives

Stubborn, driven and shy. They don’t fit together very well sometimes, unfortunately.

What is the most overrated gothic band?

I can’t answer that question since I don´t listen that much to what others like or not like, so I can’t compare it with my own taste in music.

What is the most underrated gothic band?

Probably the same answer as the last question, but if you rephrase the question into what band I think get too little attention, then I at least can answer from my Swedish point of view to what bands I would like to read more about and se at gigs in Sweden and so on. Then I would like to see more of, read more about The Church and The Cult. They are probably not “underestimated”, but I would like people in common to give them some attention so that they can come to Sweden and play. As I said I don’t travel abroad for concerts, unless I will play myself, hahaha.

In which band would you have liked to play live?

The Cult for sure. To be the second guitarist beside Billy Duffy, well… It would be an honor. I just love that guys sound. Pure pleasure.

Name 3 new gothic bands that have caught your attention lately? 

Brotherhood and The Dead and Living I know for sure. Then I can’t remember if there were anyone else. Lots of different bands in other styles, but just these in specific gothic style.

Gothic Rock or Post Punk and why?

It depends on what mood I’m in. It’s obvious when I write songs and listens to them a couple of days later.


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