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Godless Procession – Godless Procession

Godless Procession probably is one of the most authentic Latin American bands ever, i got hooked with their sound since the first listening. You’ll never find a band like them, non from now, neither from the past. Even when your read on their official biography their own musical backgrounds, i said, “no my dear friends,… Keep Reading

The Sister Of Mercy – 30th Anniversary Vinyl Box Set

The Sisters of Mercy – First And Last And Always box set: Availability: July 24, 2015 PRE-ORDER NOW TRACKLIST First and Last and Always Side One 1. “Black Planet” 2. “Walk Away” 3. “No Time To Cry” 4. “A Rock And A Hard Place” 5. “Marian” Side Two 6. “First And Last And Always” 7.… Keep Reading

Lucie Cries – Auctor Terminat Opus

Coldwave specialist label Brouillard Définitif continues its labor of bringing to light wonders from the past. After A Sordid Poppy, Neva and Odessa, this time it’s super cult band Lucie Cries’ turn. The band’s four maxi CDs, originally released between 1990 and 1993 and currently sold up to 80 euros each on Discogs, have been… Keep Reading

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