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Interview With Jyrki Witch – TWO WITCHES 30 Years Jubilee

Those were the days – 30 years of Two Witches, pt. 1 Let’s start sharing memoirs from the very beginning. It was 1987 when Anne Nurmi and I found an idea to form a band together. Or actually, THE band. Originally called Noidat, but very soon changed to more well-known name… Two Witches. This photo… Keep Reading

Interview With Nik (Dark Side Cowboys)

A saying about Dark Side Cowboys goes “DSC is a society of artists or fools, the listener’s choice”. The band formed back in 1993 and has been going strong ever since, releasing nine studio albums. DSC are considered one of Sweden’s foremost acts on the alternative-scene and early pressings of the debut-album “The Apocryphal” is… Keep Reading

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