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13 Questions to Volkan Caner (She Past Away)

What was the very first record you bought? Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast What is the most expensive record have you bought? I usually collect second hand vinyls. The last and comparatively pricey vinyl that I bought was Christian Death – Only Theatre of Pain What are your 5 very favorite bands… Keep Reading

Entrevista con She Past Away – (Castellano)

She Past Away es para mucha gente EL descubrimiento de 2012. Con su mezcla de estilos e influencias enraizadas en los 80 y sus singulares letras en turco, han creado un sonido muy moderno de adictiva y cautivadora atmósfera. Su frío y oscuro sonido se ha convertido en un indispensable en las pistas de baile.… Keep Reading

Interview with She Past Away (English)

She Past Away is for many people THE discovery of 2012. With their blend of styles and influences rooted in the 80’s and their unique vocals in Turkish, they have created a fiercely modern sound, with a captivating and addictive atmosphere. Their dark and cold sound has become a must play on the dancefloors. We took… Keep Reading

She Past Away – Asimilasyon (Official Video)

Asimilasyon (Assimilation) was the first track I heard from this release through the official video. This track definitely tips its hat to their first album with its already distinguishable Darkwave technique and intense pace.. ► by Dj Detra Kamera, fotoğraf : Emre Uzer Lyrics Koru kendini bu veba yayılıyor Her yerde örümcekler Hadi kazı mezarını… Keep Reading

She Past Away – Narin Yalnizlik

Fans and Djs of the current Goth music climate have been salivating for the new album to be released by these rising underground titans. The first LP Belirde Gece hit foggy dance floors across the world with its strong early Sisters/Cure influences mixed with tasteful amounts of Darkwave. Singer Volken Caner’s vocal delay reverberates through… Keep Reading

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