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The Wraith – Barbed Wire Somber (Official Video)

OFFICIAL FACEBOOK @TheWraithPunk The Wraith – “Barbed Wire Somber” Los Angeles post-punk/deathrock band. Produced by Simon Jones, Michael Kallio, & Derrick Zonca. Directed by & Edited by Michael Kallio. Filmed at Hit Joint Studios in Los Angeles California “Pulverizing blackness, sheer dread, and a wall of sound guitars. Meet one of LA’s most… Keep Reading

Gothic Rock Radio Show EP25 (Saturday 11/02/17)

GOTHIC ROCK 025 THE WRAITH – Death Knell SILENT SCREAM – Get Ready To Burn TRANSYLVANIA – La Lune CIVILITY – Move On MOURN AGAIN – Black Flamingos RHOMBUS – Daylight THE LAST CRY – Truth And Lies VEIL VITRIC – Nothing Key DAIMONION – Wiatr XIII STOLETI – Kabarette Voltaire PHOSGENE GIRLS – 93… Keep Reading

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