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The Sisters of Mercy @ London, Brixton Ace, 29.06.1983

“Music suitable for slaughterhouses and asylums” is how Andrew Eldritch described the first years of the Sisters in an interview with German television. Founded 1980 by Gary Marx (Gary Mark) and Andrew Eldritch (Andrew Taylor) with the intention of recording an album to hear themselves on the radio. This goal was quickly achieved with the… Keep Reading

The Sisters Of Mercy Interview Villa Tempo Belgian TV 14/04/85

1984 to 1985: First and Last and Always, but not for good Report by Frank Spieker (Read the  complete Sister(s) of Mercy report) Line up 1984 – 1985: Andrew Eldritch (vocals) Gary Marx (guitars) Wayne Hussey (guitars) Craig Adams (bass) Dr. Avalanche (drums) Live cover versions: Knocking on Heaven`s Door (Bob Dylan) Hey Joe (Jimi… Keep Reading

The Sisters of Mercy – Black Planet (Official Video)

For those unfamiliar with vinyl: the album is dominated by Hussey from “Black Planet” to “Marian”, and by Marx from “First and Last and Always” to “Some Kind of Stranger”. Gary Marx left the Sisters during the album tour and founded Ghost Dance because of personal differences with Mr Eldritch about the future of the… Keep Reading

The Merry Thoughts – Millennium Done 1: Empire Songs

In the early 90’s, a time that preceded widespread Internet availability and mobile phones were only just capable of making calls let alone be web enabled, access to new non mainstream gothic music was limited. Yes, there were plenty of new British bands that were touring such as Rosetta Stone, Vendemmian, Midnight Configuration, Nosferatu and… Keep Reading

The Sisters of Mercy

The Sister(s) of Mercy – Distance over time “We are a rock ‘n’ roll band. And a pop band. And an industrial groove machine. We are intellectual love gods. We make records, sometimes. We play concerts, sometimes. You’re here anyway. This website contains ninety-seven million words, which are “REDEMPTION” and “BEACH“. You’re welcome.” ( “It’s… Keep Reading

The Wake – Masked

Twenty two years ago (I was in denial about how long ago) Cleopatra Records released a classic Gothic rock masterpiece called Masked, the first full length album from the Ohio based band The Wake. This album is aggressive, a controlled fire, manic and dark in it’s delivery from Richard Witherspoon’s sonic guitar distortion to Troy Payne’s… Keep Reading

The Sister Of Mercy – 30th Anniversary Vinyl Box Set

The Sisters of Mercy – First And Last And Always box set: Availability: July 24, 2015 PRE-ORDER NOW TRACKLIST First and Last and Always Side One 1. “Black Planet” 2. “Walk Away” 3. “No Time To Cry” 4. “A Rock And A Hard Place” 5. “Marian” Side Two 6. “First And Last And Always” 7.… Keep Reading

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