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2017-05-26 – Nuclear Blast is extremely excited to announce the worldwide signing of the Swedish post punk/dark wave band THEN COMES SILENCE. Founded in 2012 in Stockholm by singer and main songwriter Alex Svenson, THEN COMES SILENCE have released three albums since and gathered an ever-growing following within the international scene. The band are currently… Keep Reading

Then Comes Silence @ Bar Loose 25/02/2017 Helsinki

….between shoegaze, post-punk and psychedelia, yes… but above all, between life and death, bodies and souls, some place where dreams are nightmares, suns are black and sanity is an illusion. ► by Guillaume Renard. You can find a lot of influences that goes from The Stooges to Bauhaus, from Joy Division to New Order, from… Keep Reading

13 Questions to Axel Grim (Les Fleurs Du Mal)

What was the very first record you bought? I know that the first record I got was norwegian Aha’s ”Stay on these roads” album. Maybe it was there I first had my world shaken by the relentless drum machine. It featured the Yamaha RX5 that a certain pivotal act of the genre used on their… Keep Reading

Ritual Reaper – Necessary Evil ➤ (album preview)

PRE-ORDER NOW Necessary Evil by Ritual Reaper In the year of 2012 when everyone was awaiting for the end of the world, three individuals embarked on a mutual journey to craft a new chapter of their creative efforts combined. The distilled essence of their interest in the occult, spiritualism, alchemy, the darker realms of the… Keep Reading

13 Questions to Alex Svenson (Then Comes Silence)

What was the very first record you bought? Kraftwerk – Man Machine. What is the most expensive record have you bought? That will soon be the 70’s electronic psychedelic artist Mort Garson – “Ataraxia the Unexplained” about 40 euros + shipping on Discogs. What are your 5 very favorite bands ever? The Doors , Wendy Carlos… Keep Reading

Canis Lupus

The story of… Andreas (drums), Daniel L. (bass), Daniel S. (guitar) and Robert (vocal) met in 1999 at ”Augustibuller”, a later summer rockfestival in Lindesberg, and decided to form a band inspired by the music of The Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, The Mission and others. Later the same month, after speaking with… Keep Reading

13 Questions to Viva Sartago (Ritual Reaper, Malaise, Viva Sartago)

Viva Sartago Ritual Reaper On Facebook Malaise On Facebook What was the very first record you bought? I remember sitting at the music class lesson in 4th grade. The last ten minutes of each lesson the students could choose any song they wanted and a classmate chose “Love Bites”. That changed me totally! I got a… Keep Reading

13 Questions to Victor Fradera (Dawn Of Oblivion)

Victor Fradera Dawn Of Oblivion On Facebook Dawn Of Oblivion On Bandcamp What was the very first record you bought? A: It was ‘Love Gun’ by Kiss What is the most expensive record have you bought? I think it was a first pressing of Gary Numan’s first album with Tubeway Army. The original have a weird… Keep Reading

13 Questions to Stefan Eriksson (Brotherhood, Arcana)

Stefan Eriksson Brotherhood Official Site Brotherhood on Facebook Brotherhood on Bandcamp What was the very first record you bought? Kiss – Alive, I guess it was around 1976 What is the most expensive record have you bought? Well I collect vinyls, expensive hobby I don’t know, I don’t know… But one I paid a lot… Keep Reading

Dr. Arthur Krause – Midnight Rain (Official Video)

Tuesday the 1st of September sees the world opening of a new video from Dr Arthur Krause, Midnight Rain. The song is featured on the new album The Only Time She Moves, which is released on the 19th September. Starting with the traditional dry ice and frontal light, the performances now provide a full multimedia… Keep Reading

Brotherhood – The Dark EP

With a stunning debut album full of melancholy and elegance last year, and an addictive cover of Depeche Mode’s “Photographic”, Brotherhood has already managed to convince many Darkwave – Gothic Rock connoisseurs. Expectations surrounding their new release, The Dark EP, were high. Let me tell you right away, that all expectations are not only fulfilled,… Keep Reading

Dawn of Oblivion – Phoenix Rising

Formed in Sweden way back in 1991 the band have had many incarnations and released four albums, but now after a near on ten year hiatus they are back. The album kicks off in a goth/metal style with the guitar led epic ‘Demons of the Cross’ and almost immediately you can feel this will be… Keep Reading

Interview with Mathias Lodmalm | Cemetary / Sundown

It’s not a secret that I’m a big fan of Swedish metal scene in general – the land from which emerged part of the most important extreme metal bands and famous rock bands. One of these bands is Cemetary which is part of my most listened albums ever. I didn’t discover Cemetary when they released… Keep Reading

Interview with Kristian Olofsson | Miazma

It hasn’t been many years since I discovered this band thanks to one of my Spanish mates. When I was living in the coast of Spain, away from the Madrilian goth nights, Laura sent me a Myspace link and she told me “you should listen to this band.” I was so impressed with their catchy elements of… Keep Reading

Then Comes Silence – II

This second album of Then Comes Silence, plainly entitled “II”, follows the steps of the first one. The Swedish act proves being extremely effective in its genre, by delivering a true gem of a record. The classic features of shoegaze are  deeply and smartly exploited, with walls of distorted guitars, a lot of reverb, and… Keep Reading

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