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13 Questions to Andi Koa (Still Patient?)

  What was the very first record you bought? As far as I remember that was Kim Wilde – Kids in America (single). The first album was TRIO, a New German Wave band which was defined by their hit single DA DA DA but they had some punk-ish songs on their debut. What is the… Keep Reading

Still Patient? – Swallowed (Official Video)

….They really know their business: “Seconds Of Fame” exudes Goth-Rock tradition and guitar-driven sound; it’s well-crafted amalgam of sublime guitar chords and energetic riffs. This track is such a great opener, and “Swallowed” is the second Goth-Rock assault in a row, this song is even more electric than the first one: It has great rhythm,… Keep Reading

Interview with Still Patient?

STILL PATIENT? … Now and then Classic Goth Rockers from the 90’s scene, doing some great music in the New Millennium. Still patient rises again, and they have a new album called “Shape Shifters” this album has an interesting combination of experience, and the excitement of being an active band again. They are ready and… Keep Reading

Still Patient? – Shape Shifters

Back in the day we gave you the review of “Selective Perception“, a 2014 release by this classic Goth rock band called Still Patient?, they came back with renewed energy and some new textures and sounds, and the result was really good. One year later they are here with a new full-length album… (Goth) ROCK… Keep Reading

Still Patient? – We Come In Peace (Official Video)

Taken from the album SHAPE SHIFTERS (2015) Filmed 2014 at Camden Town London UK + Sacrosanct 2014 Reading UK + The Face Bar Reading UK + The Butlers Reading UK Additional footage by Michael Nowakowski Gothic dancer: Una Shamaa ( For more information please visit: Keep Reading

Still Patient? – Selective Perception

Here’s some new stuff by Still Patient? and they’re back with this great EP and renewed strength. In my personal experience “Cataclysm” was the first Still Patient? album that I listened back in the day (those glorious 90’s!) Since then I noticed how the band was moving forward, giving new twists to their sound (You know:… Keep Reading

Still Patient? – Anavryn II (Official Video)

Still Patient? – They’re not that kind of band who is trying to be the same band that they were 20 years before; they are the total opposite thing here. They sound like a new band, they sound like a band from The New Millennium with innovative ideas, a refreshing perspective of Gothic Rock, and… Keep Reading

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