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Soror Dolorosa’s new album “Apollo”

GET IT HERE Paris-based Soror Dolorosa creates raw and hungry gothic rock inspired by post-punk, death rock and cold wave. French for ‘Sister Pain’, Soror Dolorosa was formed in 2001 by vocalist Andy Julia. Taking its name from the novel “Bruges-la-morte” by Flemish symbolist writer Georges Rodenbach, Soror Dolorosa channels its inspiration’s strong undercurrents of… Keep Reading

Interview with Soror Dolorosa – Part II

I had the chance to interview Soror Dolorosa before their amazing show at the SGM Festival, Madrid. Andy Julia (vocals), Frank Ligabue (drums), Hervé Carles (bass), Nicolas Mons (guitar) and David-Alexandre Parquier, called DA (guitar) squeezed in the tiny backstage of the Gruta 77 to answer my questions. Thanks a lot to the band, here… Keep Reading

Soror Dolorosa sign with Prophecy Productions

Paris-based Soror Dolorosa (engl.: Sister Pain) belong to the most visionary contemporary groups in the blend of Gothic/Death Rock and Cold Wave. The band name comes from the novel “Bruges-la-morte” by Flemish symbolist writer Georges Rodenbach, which is marked by nostalgia and mourning, thus perfectly encapsulating Soror Dolorosa’s aesthetic aspirations. The quintet surrounding charismatic front… Keep Reading

Interview with Andy Julia | Soror Dolorosa – Part I

Almost one year ago I saw Soror Dolorosa live in Madrid, and after that I was hooked by their sound. They are one of the bands I play a lot in my radio shows. Soror Dolorosa has become a classic in my programs. Here is the first part of the interview with Andy Julia, who… Keep Reading

Soror Dolorosa – Hologram (Official Video)

Soror Dolorosa has become one of those iconic bands of the goth underground in Europe and definitely some-kind of French heroes without a doubt. Soror Dolorosa is one of those bands that went very quickly from a newbie to a classic; a really important name in the underground nowadays. With No More Heroes the band… Keep Reading

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