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Antti Lautala (Silent Scream, Neu Zaum) appeared on the Finnish TV

  Antti Lautala (Silent Scream, Neu Zaum, Varjo) appeared on the Finnish TV talking about his early 90’s band Apulanta.  On friday 9th of September it will the premiere of Teit meistä kauniin film (watch the trailer on YouTube) which is based on Apulanta‘s early days. The TV documentary is some kind of “making off” of the Tei… Keep Reading

13 questions to Antti Lautala (Silent Scream, Neu Zaum, Varjo)

Antti Lautala Silent Scream Neu Zaum Varjo What was the very first record you bought? I don’t remember anymore. I started to buy tapes in mid ’80:s. My parents had a turntable. If I wanted to listen to music by myself it was better to buy it as c-cassette and listen in my room. At… Keep Reading

13 Questions to Matthew Pallasoja (Silent Scream)

Matthew Pallasoja (Silent Scream) Silent Scream Official Facebook What was the very first record you bought? Good question! We always had lots of records at home when I was a kid so it could have been anything. Most likely something really silly and embarrassing, heh. What is the most expensive record have you bought? Samhain´s… Keep Reading

Silent Scream – Bones From The Backyard – YouTube Complete Set

Their sound is more mature, and they come with a new turn in each release. Have to say that this stuff is darker, in comparison with the raw-high voltage sound, of the previous album (“Public Execution”) I strongly recommend this band to people who like Dark Punk acts like: Lost Tribe, Cemetery or Horror Vacui.… Keep Reading

Silent Scream unveil brand new track – I’m Human, I’m Sexual

The Finnish Post-punkers Silent Scream just reveled via facebook great news about their upcoming third studio album: “Hello there! Here’s a track from our forthcoming third long play album “CARRION SCREAMING” . The album master is completed, Mark Ferrelli of PART 1 has drawn artwork for gatefold sleeves. So, you can expect something visually special… Keep Reading

Interview with Antti Lautala | Silent Scream

For me Silent Scream has become probably one of the most important old school post punk band of the new decade. They caught my attention with their debut album “Cinema”, where the band made a very gloomy and atmospheric post punk album, with some dark goth elements. A few months ago the band released their… Keep Reading

Neu Zaum feat Hanna Marsh – Albion (Official Video)

The Neu Zaum is an experimental Indie band that has its roots in the old Glam and Underground music; Bowie and Iggy Pop Berlin period, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Velvet Underground, The Cramps, Siouxsie and The Banshees, The Cult, etc The Band was formed in 2011 when guitarist of the ex–Goth band, Varjo (Shadow), Antti Lautala… Keep Reading

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