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Bloody Dead And Sexy – Bad Ambient

Almost ten years ago I discovered the music of this band; I was browsing on the internet and I read some very positive reviews about “Paint It Red”, their first album. I really enjoyed to those razor-sharp guitars, the quite strong rhythmic section, and that theatrical voice with a very distinctive tone. Sometime later, they… Keep Reading

Winter Severity Index – Slanting Ray

Winter Severity Index in its latest form is formed by Simona Ferrucci (voice, guitar, bass guitar, drum programming) and Alessandra Romeo (synths and keyboards), and the Roman girls have just released their first full length album, “Slanting Ray”. After two widely acclaimed EP, the expectation was high. The result is even better than expected. “Slanting… Keep Reading

Merciful Nuns – Thelema VIII

Incepted late 2009 as the “only legitimate successor” of Garden Of Delight, Merciful Nuns quickly build a solid and faithful fanbase with their dark and gloomy, modern day version of goth rock or “occult post goth”, as they like to describe it themselves. Their first release came in march 2010 and now, just under 6 years later,… Keep Reading

Peter Murphy – Lion

A lion is an impressive and majestic creature, and those attributes could describe the career of Mr. Peter Murphy. He is definitely outside of the comfort zone of the “Legend” status: He is making new albums, he is still active as a live performer and he is an artist with a consolidated style. Peter Murphy… Keep Reading

The Beauty Of Gemina – Ghost Prayers

This band is a very familiar one for regular listeners of the radio shows of Oskar Terramortis, and everyone here knows that The Beauty Of Gemina is one of the most sophisticated Dark Wave bands in the underground scene of today. This black velvet sound which is elegant and dark is one of their most distinctive… Keep Reading

Exit To Eden – II

Founded in 2002 and hailing from Austria’s capital city Vienna, they have been labelled as Goth ‘n’ roll and on first listen, you can easily hear why this latest branch of Goth has been assigned to this exciting band. The Current line-up is Bernie (Vocals) Werner (Drums) Hernan (Bass) David (Guitars) and collectively they make… Keep Reading

Evi Vine – Give Your Heart To The Hawks

Evi Vine, this stunningly beautiful singer who has graced us with her appearance on songs by one of our favourite bands ‘The Eden House’ in the past, has released her second album ‘Give your heart to the Hawks’ on Solemn Wave Records’ label, back on 17th February 2015. The opening track is one of Evi’s… Keep Reading

Near Earth Orbit – Trans Nepturian Objects

So here we are, back with the second part of Near Earth Orbits conceptual, Post-Apocalyptic, Space – Goth Opera. Like famous movie trilogies, this second section continues building the story over the first four tracks taking up where ‘End of all existence’ finished. SO…… Imagine you are comfortably laying on your sofa in your own… Keep Reading

Star Industry – The Renegade

Belgium’s Star Industry have successfully delivered another slab of Vision Thing era Sisters, via The Merry Thoughts, Gothic Rock, with their 5th Full length Album, The Renegade. Packed full of catchy choruses, guitar riffs and keyboard wizardry matched with Peters excellent vocals, this album cements Star Industry’s place as the twenty-teen’s leading light in the… Keep Reading

XII – Moving In The Shadows

XII are a three piece band, heavily influenced by both the Goth and Metal scenes and were conceived by ex Fields of the Nephilim’s, bass player/drummer John Carter, after he left the Nephs in 2009. Carter takes the helm of vocals and bass on this debut album for XII and is joined by Shaun Dunne… Keep Reading

Decades – Decades

Decades is a band from Toronto, Canada; and they are doing a very fine and melodic Post Punk / Shoegaze mixed with 80’s New Wave, and some dark Dream-Pop. Their sound is really smooth, full of dreamy passages, emotive melodies, passion, and this is a very interesting debut album. This new band shows here an… Keep Reading

God’s Own Medicine – Drachma

God’s Own Medicine is about to celebrate its 20 year anniversary, their debut album was released by the now legendary record label Hypnobeat in 1999; and they have done a total of six albums through the years. According to the information of the Bandcamp and Facebook profiles of this project; the only remaining member is Andy, and… Keep Reading

Love in Prague – Fallen Angels

Love in Prague are a French Post-Punk / Coldwave band formed in 2007 and consist of Benoît Gerard and Chloe Praha. The duo released their first album in 2013 entitled ‘Ghost Note’ which in turn was the follow up to a couple of EP’s they had already released in 2008 and 2011. However ‘Fallen Angels’… Keep Reading

Various Artists – For The Bats III

For the Bats Vol.III is the latest Gothic Rock and Darkwave compilation where proceeds go to the Bat World Sanctuary, a benefit to help rehabilitate, rescue and conserve bats around the world. Based in Weatherford Texas, this sanctuary provides a permanent sanctuary for non-releasable bats as well as educating the public about the need and… Keep Reading

di unru – di unru

Finnish-German trio [di: unru:] have released their new self-titled EP showcasing their catchy, raw-edge post punk and classic guitar style, which the band have labelled as a Dark Sonic Tidal Wave. A new one on us! The EP follows on from their debut 7” single Deathletter / Typewriter released in 2013 and their appearance on… Keep Reading

People of Nothing – People of Nothing

I’m really impressed with the Post Punk scene of The New Millennium, it’s like a non-stop thing and there are lots of wonderful bands releasing awesome albums. And also I’m really impressed with this project called People Of Nothing and it’s awesome musicianship and talent.   People of Nothing is a cold wave/indie group established… Keep Reading

Short Circuit ‎– Unterwelt

Listen to this one, and you will be embraced by darkness… This is a pretty interesting release: “Unterwelt” is a lost jewel created by  Short Circuit in the early 90’s, and it remained unreleased for so long; the good thing is that the record label Brouillard Définitif, decided to make a proper release. Definitely, this… Keep Reading

Disjecta Membra – Death by Discotheque (Remixes)

It’s been a little over eighteen months since we released a ‘single edit’ version of ‘Death by Discothèque’ as a free download in December 2013, backed with the stomping synthpop remix from one of the great pillars of European electro-industrial dance music, Leæther Strip. The single’s release commemorated twenty years since I first persuaded a… Keep Reading

Geometric Vision – Virtual Analog Tears

The musical climate of these past few years has shifted from the resurgence of Post-punk to an enigmatic Post-punk/Darkwave hybrid; drifting into realms of drum machines, tasteful amounts of haunting keyboards, and dreamy guitars submerged in echo-delay. Though the first half of the album has some of the band’s best work in my opinion, the… Keep Reading

Ikon – Everyone Everything Everywhere Ends

Finally, it took me two weeks, i found the opportunity to listen, in full, to the new Ikon album and write a little review on it. Being a huge Ikon fan i am prejudiced, but here it is anyway. This is an album that grasps you by the throat from the very start : after a… Keep Reading

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