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The Eden House – Songs For The Broken Ones – Album Preview

Current Touring Band: Stephen Carey (Adoration / This Burning Effigy) Tony Pettitt (Fields of the Nephilim/NFD) Simon Rippin (Red Sun Revival /NFD/Nefilim) Rob Leydon (Red Sun Revival) Bob Loveday (Violinist for Bob Geldof/Van Morrison) Louise Crane Meghan-Noel Pettitt Monica Richards (Faith & The Muse) After my chat with Simon Rippin in Helsinki during his visit with… Keep Reading

20 years ago – Nefilim – Interview with Carl McCoy – MTV 1996

Carl: ‘Elizium’ when it came out was very different from ‘The Nephilim’ album, which was its predecessor, and obviously ‘Zoon’ was something I needed to achieve. It was part of the whole Nephilim jigsaw puzzle, I think. At the time, I re-spelt the band’s name (as The Nefilim), just due to the fact that I… Keep Reading

Interview with Carl McCoy | Fields of the Nephilim

Hablar de Fields of the Nephilim hoy, es hablar directamente del único miembro original y el único que ha tenido sus ideales claros desde el principio: Carl McCoy. Y hablar de McCoy es hablar de una leyenda viviente, un hombre culto, una persona que nunca ha querido venderse, como lo hicieron otras bandas de su… Keep Reading

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