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Soror Dolorosa’s new album “Apollo”

GET IT HERE Paris-based Soror Dolorosa creates raw and hungry gothic rock inspired by post-punk, death rock and cold wave. French for ‘Sister Pain’, Soror Dolorosa was formed in 2001 by vocalist Andy Julia. Taking its name from the novel “Bruges-la-morte” by Flemish symbolist writer Georges Rodenbach, Soror Dolorosa channels its inspiration’s strong undercurrents of… Keep Reading

Varsovie – Lydia Litvak (Official Video)

This is a great album brought to you by a French band from Grenoble. If you are a fan of the first period of French Rock band Noir Désir, you’ll love this. Although traces of Coldwave influences can also be found, as well as the inevitable mention of Joy Division, there is definitely a strong… Keep Reading

Interview with Soror Dolorosa – Part II

I had the chance to interview Soror Dolorosa before their amazing show at the SGM Festival, Madrid. Andy Julia (vocals), Frank Ligabue (drums), Hervé Carles (bass), Nicolas Mons (guitar) and David-Alexandre Parquier, called DA (guitar) squeezed in the tiny backstage of the Gruta 77 to answer my questions. Thanks a lot to the band, here… Keep Reading

13 questions to Babeth Letter (Trouble Fait’)

Babeth Letter Trouble Fait’ What was the very first record you bought? The first record I bought was David Bowie “Scary Monsters”. What is the most expensive record have you bought? Frankly … I don’t remember it. What are your 5 very favorite bands ever? My 5 favorite bands are Bauhaus, David Bowie, Dead Can… Keep Reading

Love in Prague – Fallen Angels

Love in Prague are a French Post-Punk / Coldwave band formed in 2007 and consist of Benoît Gerard and Chloe Praha. The duo released their first album in 2013 entitled ‘Ghost Note’ which in turn was the follow up to a couple of EP’s they had already released in 2008 and 2011. However ‘Fallen Angels’… Keep Reading

The Insight – White Noise

The Insight have provided their own soap opera of sorts in 2015 with the release of their 3rd Album ‘White Noise’. Gaets, Steevo, Dulac along with the omnipresent Karo, have suffered the disappointment of a breakdown with their original choice of record label resulting in the false start release of the cd in April of… Keep Reading

Soror Dolorosa sign with Prophecy Productions

Paris-based Soror Dolorosa (engl.: Sister Pain) belong to the most visionary contemporary groups in the blend of Gothic/Death Rock and Cold Wave. The band name comes from the novel “Bruges-la-morte” by Flemish symbolist writer Georges Rodenbach, which is marked by nostalgia and mourning, thus perfectly encapsulating Soror Dolorosa’s aesthetic aspirations. The quintet surrounding charismatic front… Keep Reading

The Insight – Give Me A Chance (Official Video)

Give me a chance Official video taken from the album ” WHITE NOISE” September 2015 Directed by Chantepie Gaëtan Lyrics: the disgust in your eyes i ‘m collapsing like the garden as fast as the falling rain i ’m breaking down the mirror i cannot see the future i missed your arms your lips… Keep Reading

Double Elvis – Inland Chronicles

Double Elvis started as a band in 2008, and has just released a first album : Inland Chronicles. Drummer Matt Walker (Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage, Morrissey) is special guest on the album, giving the band credit to play in the big league. The record starts with “Akasaka Moon”, a very well played, well done, well produced,… Keep Reading

Last Night – Last Night

This is exciting raw Post Punk with traces of Dark Punk and Punkish Garage sound, and even some slight touch of Death Rock; this is electric excitement from the beginning to the end. Intensity, rawness, dark sound, razor-sharp guitars, and infectious beats with pounding rhythm…¡I like this stuff! Last Night is a band from Paris,… Keep Reading

My Great Blue Cadillac – Inside You (Official Video)

Directed by Corentin Hauvet Contact: mygreatbluecadillac(at)gmail(dot)com “When a bass guitar shags with drums, rock becomes rage!” That’s what we can say about My Great Blue Cadillac, cold/post punk duet managed by Louise & Eddy. High-powered bass guitar and heady drums take you on a dark field road trip. « Quand une basse baise une batterie,… Keep Reading

Interview with Andy Julia | Soror Dolorosa – Part I

Almost one year ago I saw Soror Dolorosa live in Madrid, and after that I was hooked by their sound. They are one of the bands I play a lot in my radio shows. Soror Dolorosa has become a classic in my programs. Here is the first part of the interview with Andy Julia, who… Keep Reading

Soror Dolorosa – Hologram (Official Video)

Soror Dolorosa has become one of those iconic bands of the goth underground in Europe and definitely some-kind of French heroes without a doubt. Soror Dolorosa is one of those bands that went very quickly from a newbie to a classic; a really important name in the underground nowadays. With No More Heroes the band… Keep Reading

Frustration – On the Rise (Early Recordings)

French band Frustration has just released a compilation of early recording on vinyl, and as can be expected, it’s brutal and outstanding stuff.   The punk spirit is taking over these 10 old school tracks, like spit from the backyard of a London suburb. How this music was not produced in the UK in the… Keep Reading

Manic Depression Records

Manic Depression is an artist-friendly independent record label, mailorder and live promoter based in Paris, France. Basically formed in 1998 by Manic Lio, surrounded by Vincent, JL Manic joined the team in 2005. First focusing on the French Post Punk, goth and related scene (Violet Stigmata, In Memoria, Deadchovsky, Wallenberg, Jacquy Bitch, Frustration), Manic Depression… Keep Reading

Saigon Blue Rain – What I Don’t See

I must say, this album was a pleasant surprise. My first impression listening to the first few tracks was that it reminded me a bit of Scarlet Leaves with its dreamy guitars and female fronted vocals. Saigon Blue Rain began in September of 2012 under the name ‘Stupid Bitch Reject’, a name that doesn’t quite… Keep Reading

Virgin in Veil – Lovestains (Official Video)

Deathrock from Finland with members of Masquerade and Secular Plague. Filmed and edited DIY style in July 2015. Get the song:… Official site: On Facebook: Keep Reading

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