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Click On Bandcamp: The Colors Of Silence – Darkness (Single)

Available for the very first time and previously unreleased, ‘Darkness’ is the first single from THE COLOURS OF SILENCE. The three track single includes a ‘remix’ that will surely please DJ’s in the underground music scene and an ‘atmos’ mix to take the listener to a totally different interpretation of the track. TCOS is the… Keep Reading

13 Questions to Michael Aliani (Chiron, IKON)

Michael Aliani Chiron on Facebook Chiron On Bandcamp IKON’s history on Gothic Rock What was the very first record you bought? I really had to think hard, as it was quite a while ago. First single I ever bought was ‘I ran’ by A Flock of Seagulls in 82. And first album I bought was… Keep Reading

Interview with Chris McCarter | Ikon (2014) – Part I

   Definitely Ikon is one the most well-known Gothic-Post Punk acts coming out from Australia. They have achieved a Classic band status due their top-quality music. They have given us impressive releases through the years (and a loyal fan-base around the world) They are hard workers in the underground scene: Ikon has taken the path… Keep Reading


Country of origin: Australia Year of creation: 1991 – present City/ Location: Melbourne Official site: Members: Chris McCarter (vocals, guitars, programming), Dino Molinaro (bass), Clifford Ennis (guitar), David Burns (drums). Related Bands: Jerusalem Syndrome, Crimes of Passion, Subterfuge. Official biography The Beginning Chris McCarter and Dino Molinaro met in English class at Geoghegan College… Keep Reading

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