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Click On Bandcamp: Jesucrisis & Lisa Miles – Serpiente de Nuit

“Serpiente de Nuit” is an Exclusive Single released by Jesucrisis and Lisa Miles.  It has as its core violin tracks composed by Lisa that Vladimir reflected on and began to formulate vocal, bass and drum line thoughts to.  For the lyrics, Vlad threw a couple past Lisa to consider and she immediately responded to “Serpiente… Keep Reading

Click On Bandcamp: Jesucrisis – Jesucrisis

Jesucrisis is pleased to share with you the unveiling of their Bandcamp site, as well as Vladimir Munoz’s re-release of their self-titled album as an EP, on its 5-year anniversary date. We would be honored if you check out the site & EP, which has lyrics in English and Spanish, a statement by Vladimir and other… Keep Reading

Jesucrisis – Jesucrisis

I’m really glad with the high quality release from this remarkable Latin-American band. They are Jesucrisis from Chile, and their music is a perfectly balanced combination of Death rock and Gothic Rock; the result is an exciting sound which is really dark, very exciting, and well crafted. This EP was made by real musicians with… Keep Reading

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