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Canis Lupus – The Final Dream (New Single)

The Final Dream by Canis Lupus Special release alert! We have decided that we, at the 30th of october, will release one of the songs recorded with singer Mr T. Green. This song will not be released through streaming services or on a piece of plastic… It will only be able as a WAV file… Keep Reading

Canis Lupus

The story of… Andreas (drums), Daniel L. (bass), Daniel S. (guitar) and Robert (vocal) met in 1999 at ”Augustibuller”, a later summer rockfestival in Lindesberg, and decided to form a band inspired by the music of The Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, The Mission and others. Later the same month, after speaking with… Keep Reading

Canis Lupus – Shape Of The Ghost

Rising from the cold lands of Sweden; there’s the powerful howl of the Wolf: Canis Lupus first full length titled “Shape Of the Ghost”. Canis Lupus is doing some really fine Traditional Gothic Rock; it’s spiced with 90’s European-Dark Wave textures, some electronic percussion and synths which brings some special deepness to the sound of… Keep Reading

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