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The Beauty Of Gemina – Silent Land (Official Video)

SILENT LAND by THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA. Song taken from the album: MINOR SUN (2016) Words and music by Michael Sele Michael Sele: Vocals, Electric Guitars, Keyboards & Programming Mac Vinzens: Drums Andi Zuber: Bass Screenplay by Andi Zuber and Michael Sele Filmed by Andi Zuber, Colin Weber Drone: Manuel Rupp Directed by Andi Zuber… Keep Reading

The Beauty Of Gemina – Ghost Prayers

This band is a very familiar one for regular listeners of the radio shows of Oskar Terramortis, and everyone here knows that The Beauty Of Gemina is one of the most sophisticated Dark Wave bands in the underground scene of today. This black velvet sound which is elegant and dark is one of their most distinctive… Keep Reading

The Beauty of Gemina – The Myrrh Sessions

When I noticed that The Beauty of Gemina was planning to make some kind of acoustic album, I was trying to imagine how that would sound, because they use a lot of samplers in their music. To be honest, I usually am very disappointed with these kind of acoustic albums. In 99% of bands who… Keep Reading

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