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Click On Bandcamp: Ariel Maniki And The Black Halos – Ritual

Ariel Maniki and the Black Halos is a gothic-alternative act from Costa Rica, a small tropical country in the central american isthmus no stranger to the dark rock genres since the new millennium. The project had its origins on 2013 as a solo-studio project by Ariel Maniki, former member of bands such as Draconian Incubus… Keep Reading

Click On Bandcamp: The Colors Of Silence – Darkness (Single)

Available for the very first time and previously unreleased, ‘Darkness’ is the first single from THE COLOURS OF SILENCE. The three track single includes a ‘remix’ that will surely please DJ’s in the underground music scene and an ‘atmos’ mix to take the listener to a totally different interpretation of the track. TCOS is the… Keep Reading

Click On Bandcamp: And Then You Die – Lord Of The Flies

Now available! And Then You Die – Lord of the Flies CD in limited edition digipak CD. Price 15€ including free shipping world wide. This album is also available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer etc. April 30th 2017. This CD is also available at When you purchase this album from the bandcamp site,… Keep Reading

Click On Bandcamp: Lost On Me – Demonstration

Lost On Me are a brand new Post Punk duo hailing from the North East of England. Both couple and musical pairing, Lost On Me is made up of Vocalist/ Guitarist Martin Downing (ex: Fractions, Lavotchkin & End Reign) and Bassist Jazmine Rains. Lost On Me recently released their debut Four track EP ‘Demonstration’ April… Keep Reading

Click On Bandcamp: Severance – Thresholds

SEVERANCE is a gothic rock band out of Monterrey, Mexico that is strongly influenced by dark 80s Post-Punk and New Wave but with a distinctive quality all their own. Their sound has been shaped by the likes of The Sisters of Mercy, The Mission and Fields of the Nephilim, but also Iggy Pop, Type O… Keep Reading

Click on Bandcamp: Descendants of Cain – Conversations With Mirrors

From the Echozone webpage… Conversations with Mirrors The story of the London band “Descendants Of Cain” around mastermind D M Kruger dates back to the 90s when they succeeded to gain a certain reputation within the scene with their first albums mostly based on a classic gothic rock sound. Over the years and after numerous… Keep Reading

Click on Bandcamp: Lock Howl – Pareidolia

OFFICIAL FACEBOOK “The second release by Granite Factory records. Featuring 8 tracks of “reverb-drenched gothic post-punk” by Lock Howl.” Lock Howl caught my attention since they’ve took part of – 33 Goth Bands You Should Know Vol: II with the song – Lost In The Static -. The combination of worshipping Beastmilk meets Tribulation latest album… Keep Reading

Click on Bandcamp: The Last Cry – Goodbye

OFFICIAL FACEBOOK Emerging from the South Coast of England, The Last Cry are a band of two eras. In their original incarnation they formed in 1985 and were together until around 1992, albeit with an ever changing line up, before going their separate ways. (Keep reading) Goodbye by The Last Cry Keep Reading

Click on Bandcamp: Ground Nero – Beyond

The GROUND is NERO and it is about the cold atmosphere, the deep darkness of the soul. It finds it’s origin in the black, Limburg mining area of the 80’S, similar to the sad, melancholic and cheerless atmosphere of the Manchester area of that time. The dark ground is the base, where bass player Peter… Keep Reading

Last Dusk – Memento Mori | Complete Album Streaming

The wait is over, we are proud and happy to announce the release of our long awaited debut album “memento mori”, the digital download it´s free just type 0 (zero) on it´s price or “name your price” if you want to collaborate with the band, which would be really appreciated too. A physical CD? yes… Keep Reading

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