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  New album A.T.O.M. is available for pre-sales in several limited options. Please visit N.E.O. Live at Amphi Festival, 23-07-2017 Cologne, Germany. NEO pack: contains A.T.O.M. (CD Mediabook), exclusive soundtrack CD THE EERIE SILENCE, infosheet as well as a T-shirt, Girl Top or Hoody (100% cotton) of your choice. limited 250 copies! OVERSOULS NINE… Keep Reading

13 Questions to Ashley Dayour (Whispers In The Shadow)

Ashley Dayour  Whispers In The Shadow The Devil & The Universe Near Earth Orbit What was the very first record you bought? THE KLF / THE WHITE ROOM What is the most expensive record have you bought? I have no idea. Must have been the occasional odd THE CURE Bootleg back in the 90’s, when I… Keep Reading

Exit To Eden – II

Founded in 2002 and hailing from Austria’s capital city Vienna, they have been labelled as Goth ‘n’ roll and on first listen, you can easily hear why this latest branch of Goth has been assigned to this exciting band. The Current line-up is Bernie (Vocals) Werner (Drums) Hernan (Bass) David (Guitars) and collectively they make… Keep Reading

Near Earth Orbit – Trans Nepturian Objects

So here we are, back with the second part of Near Earth Orbits conceptual, Post-Apocalyptic, Space – Goth Opera. Like famous movie trilogies, this second section continues building the story over the first four tracks taking up where ‘End of all existence’ finished. SO…… Imagine you are comfortably laying on your sofa in your own… Keep Reading

Near Earth Orbit – End of all Existence

The driving forces behind the Merciful Nuns, Artaud Seth and Whispers in the Shadow’s Ashley Deyour, have come together to produce a conceptual album based on the end of the world, which In the End of all Existence they have forecast for the 16 March 2034. Not only an audio treat, it also comes complete… Keep Reading

Whispers In The Shadow – Beyond The Cycles Of Time

This is a special moment in the existence of Whispers In The Shadow; the new album represent the end of a cycle. This is a brew extract of the press kit for this new release: “Thematically, Whispers in the Shadow took their path into the depths of occultism with their album INTO THE ARMS CHAOS,… Keep Reading

Feeding Fingers – Your Candied Laughter Crawls (Official Music)

Feeding Fingers – Your Candied Laughter Crawls – New single from Feeding Fingers. Written, produced & recorded across three countries – Germany, Austria & Italy during the Autumn & Winter of 2014. DOWNLOAD / STREAM THE SINGLE & B-SIDE Frontman, Justin Curfman returns with the group’s first release since their previous, 4th studio album, “The Occupant”… Keep Reading

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