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NAUT – Disintegration (Official Video)

5 piece Post-Punk/Goth Rock band from Bristol, whose shared love of classic rock and metal, alongside reverence for the goth and post-punk pioneers of the late 70s and 80s makes itself known from the start. The songs switch from raw gothic tribal tom beats to uplifting anthemic synth in a moment, but always stay danceable… Keep Reading

Disjecta Membra – Achromaticia – 20th Anniversary Edition

Disjecta Membra – Achromaticia: Twentieth Anniversary Edition Disjecta Membra formed in Hamilton, New Zealand, in December of 1993, and Achromaticia was the group’s début full-length album in 1997, through Heartland Records in Melbourne, Australia. New Zealand already had a long history of important contributions to the ‘dark post-punk’ canon, but Achromaticia marked the first (and perhaps only) time a New… Keep Reading

The Wraith – Barbed Wire Somber (Official Video)

OFFICIAL FACEBOOK @TheWraithPunk The Wraith – “Barbed Wire Somber” Los Angeles post-punk/deathrock band. Produced by Simon Jones, Michael Kallio, & Derrick Zonca. Directed by & Edited by Michael Kallio. Filmed at Hit Joint Studios in Los Angeles California “Pulverizing blackness, sheer dread, and a wall of sound guitars. Meet one of LA’s most… Keep Reading

Click On Bandcamp: Guillotine Dream – A War On The Passage Of Time

From the nethermost regions of Somerset comes goth rock outfit GUILLOTINE DREAM. The band was formed in the mid-80s. A cassette demo was released and some live shows occurred. These were few and far between because Lake was still studying in school, but they were atmospheric affairs. The band insisted on incredibly high volume and… Keep Reading

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