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Still Patient? – Swallowed (Official Video)

….They really know their business: “Seconds Of Fame” exudes Goth-Rock tradition and guitar-driven sound; it’s well-crafted amalgam of sublime guitar chords and energetic riffs. This track is such a great opener, and “Swallowed” is the second Goth-Rock assault in a row, this song is even more electric than the first one: It has great rhythm,… Keep Reading

The Flatfield – Passionless | Complete Album Streaming

 Bandcamp – Facebook  This is a great debut album and it has only seven tracks, and there’s no waste here. This is an excellent first step for this band from Finland, it is stunning Dark Post Punk-Gothic music from the beginning to the end. ► by  Daniel Olvera Keep Reading

Double Echo – La Danza | Complete Album Streaming

Double Echo is a fascinating back-to the basics, back to the roots of Dark Music; and this is such a really refined record. They have a great heritage from awesome talented bands such as: Clan Of Xymox from “Medusa”, Handful Of Snowdrops in “Land Of The Damned”, or The Danse Society from “Heaven is waiting”, and… Keep Reading

Draconian Incubus – Devotion | Complete Album Streaming

For lovers of Love Like Blood, The Wake, Secret Discovery, and other 90’s Gothic Rock wonders , don’t miss Draconian Incubus’ album Ligeia. Noticeable enough to be highlighted: Draconian Incubus is from Costa Rica, a country not precisely famous for its dark scene. It’s great to be able to (re)discover cult bands, bands that probably… Keep Reading

Exit To Eden – II

Founded in 2002 and hailing from Austria’s capital city Vienna, they have been labelled as Goth ‘n’ roll and on first listen, you can easily hear why this latest branch of Goth has been assigned to this exciting band. The Current line-up is Bernie (Vocals) Werner (Drums) Hernan (Bass) David (Guitars) and collectively they make… Keep Reading

Evi Vine – Give Your Heart To The Hawks

Evi Vine, this stunningly beautiful singer who has graced us with her appearance on songs by one of our favourite bands ‘The Eden House’ in the past, has released her second album ‘Give your heart to the Hawks’ on Solemn Wave Records’ label, back on 17th February 2015. The opening track is one of Evi’s… Keep Reading

Near Earth Orbit – Trans Nepturian Objects

So here we are, back with the second part of Near Earth Orbits conceptual, Post-Apocalyptic, Space – Goth Opera. Like famous movie trilogies, this second section continues building the story over the first four tracks taking up where ‘End of all existence’ finished. SO…… Imagine you are comfortably laying on your sofa in your own… Keep Reading

NFD – Spiral (Official Video) WORLDWIDE PREMIERE

Spiral is the second NFD‘s offical video from their latest masterpiece album – Waking The Dead – in a recent talk with Oskar Terramortis, Peter “Bob” White revealed new album is on progress, also Peter revealed his intention to release the NFD catalog on vinyl. An exclusive interview for will be published soon. “Waking The… Keep Reading

Dogs In Trees – Piora Mew

Piora Mew (Seagulls feathers). Dogs in Trees are from Gdynia in Poland and their line up consists of Paweł Goździewicz and Arek Książczak. Having formed in 2010, ‘Piora Mew’ is their first full length release following on from 4 ep’s and a mini album over the last 5 years. This has the unfortunate honour of being… Keep Reading

Star Industry – The Renegade

Belgium’s Star Industry have successfully delivered another slab of Vision Thing era Sisters, via The Merry Thoughts, Gothic Rock, with their 5th Full length Album, The Renegade. Packed full of catchy choruses, guitar riffs and keyboard wizardry matched with Peters excellent vocals, this album cements Star Industry’s place as the twenty-teen’s leading light in the… Keep Reading

XII – Moving In The Shadows

XII are a three piece band, heavily influenced by both the Goth and Metal scenes and were conceived by ex Fields of the Nephilim’s, bass player/drummer John Carter, after he left the Nephs in 2009. Carter takes the helm of vocals and bass on this debut album for XII and is joined by Shaun Dunne… Keep Reading

Terminal Gods – Road Of The Law (Official Video)

London based machine-beat post-punks, Terminal Gods, have returned with their new 7” single – ‘Road of the Law’. Backed by B-side ‘Movement’, this single showcases a transitionary period between their critically acclaimed cassette single last year and their upcoming debut LP. Ferocious guitars, pounding drums and explosive synths combine to create a newer sound for… Keep Reading

Love in Prague – Fallen Angels

Love in Prague are a French Post-Punk / Coldwave band formed in 2007 and consist of Benoît Gerard and Chloe Praha. The duo released their first album in 2013 entitled ‘Ghost Note’ which in turn was the follow up to a couple of EP’s they had already released in 2008 and 2011. However ‘Fallen Angels’… Keep Reading

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