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Fields Of The Nephilim


Click on Bandcamp: Lock Howl – Pareidolia

OFFICIAL FACEBOOK “The second release by Granite Factory records. Featuring 8 tracks of “reverb-drenched gothic post-punk” by Lock Howl.” Lock Howl caught my attention since they’ve took part of – 33 Goth Bands You Should Know Vol: II with the song – Lost In The Static -. The combination of worshipping Beastmilk meets Tribulation latest album… Keep Reading

13 Questions to Chris (The Stompcrash)

OFFICIAL SITE What was the very first record you bought? I really can’t remember the first record I bought but I remember some records my parents bought me when I was a little child, one of these was of a punk/new wave Italian singer called Alberto Camerini. What is the most expensive record have you bought?… Keep Reading

Gothic Rock Radio Show EP25 (Saturday 11/02/17)

GOTHIC ROCK 025 THE WRAITH – Death Knell SILENT SCREAM – Get Ready To Burn TRANSYLVANIA – La Lune CIVILITY – Move On MOURN AGAIN – Black Flamingos RHOMBUS – Daylight THE LAST CRY – Truth And Lies VEIL VITRIC – Nothing Key DAIMONION – Wiatr XIII STOLETI – Kabarette Voltaire PHOSGENE GIRLS – 93… Keep Reading

Gothic Rock Radio Show EP24 (Saturday 04/02/17)

GOTHIC ROCK 024 MERCIFUL NUNS – Cremation GARDEN OF DELIGHT – Levitation NEO – Inocular KALT – The Oceans SWEET ERMENGARDE – Drain DER HIMMEL UBER BERLIN – My Rubber Queen GOLDEN APES – Malady THE FLATFIELD – The Moment PINK TURNS BLUE – Moon HEXDRIVE – She Talks To Rainbows DARK – Eternity GUILLOTINE… Keep Reading

Gothic Rock Radio Show EP23 (Sunday 28/01/17)

GOTHIC ROCK 023 FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM – Prophecy NFD – Return To Dust SENSORIUM – My Life LAST RITES – Guilt Sublime KINDRED SPIRITS – Search BLOODY, DEAD AND SEXY – Cheeks JUDITH – Dissolution DREAMTIME – Until The Dawn REPTYLE – Bought Me A Lie THE AWAKENING – Cerebral Song THE CASCADES –… Keep Reading

Merciful Nuns – Cremation (Official Video)

MERCIFUL NUNS has returned with their ninth studio album titled A-U-M which will be released next April 7th, This time the band has unveiled via the Solar Lodge Official YouTube Channel the video single Cremation. About the meaning of the album title you can read the following info: PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY NOW “We’ve all heard… Keep Reading

Gothic Rock Radio Show EP22 (Sunday 17/01/17)

GOTHIC ROCK 22 MIAZMA – More Than Miles DR. ARTHUR KRAUSE – Go On Your Own SHADOWHOUSE – We Don’t Belong WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW – Lilitu’s Claws TWO WITCHES – Spirit’s Sacrifice TROUBLE FAIT – Christiania ERATO – Living BROTHERHOOD – Heroine ELUSIVE – The Ghost Of You GROOVING IN GREEN – Snake NOSFERATU… Keep Reading

13 Questions to Mark Tighe (1919, Another Cinema) RIP

Mark Tighe / 1919 What was the very first record you bought? – First record I bought was ‘Diamond dogs’ Mr David Bowie. What is the most expensive record have you bought? – The most expensive is the Eddie Cochran 20th anniversary box set x4 vinyl. What are your 5 very favorite bands ever? – Top 5 bands in… Keep Reading

Gothic Rock Radio Show EP21 (Saturday 31/12/16)

GOTHIC ROCK 21 BROTHERHOOD – Heaven And The End ULTERIOR – Sex War Sex Cars Sex CHRIST vs WARHOL – On The Trigger SPEAKING SILENCE – All The Seasons We Are THE HEARSE – Empire Down LONG NIGHT – Arkham MERCIFUL NUNS – Karma Inn STILL PATIENT? – Shape Shifters SALVATION AMP – Shine AFTER… Keep Reading

Gothic Rock Radio Show EP20 (Saturday 17/12/16)

GOTHIC ROCK 20 GOLDEN APES – Grinding Mills GARDEN OF DELIGHT – Legions SAIGON BLUE RAIN – Noire Psyché VYSMECH? -This Is The End GROUND NERO – Artica INCIDENTE TUNGUSKA – Génesis de Alejandría GUILLOTINE DREAM – Signs DIGITAL ANGEL – Europa Dies LES FLEURS DU MAL – Knife In My Back (Issue 1) THE DAUGHTERS… Keep Reading

20 years ago – Nefilim – Interview with Carl McCoy – MTV 1996

Carl: ‘Elizium’ when it came out was very different from ‘The Nephilim’ album, which was its predecessor, and obviously ‘Zoon’ was something I needed to achieve. It was part of the whole Nephilim jigsaw puzzle, I think. At the time, I re-spelt the band’s name (as The Nefilim), just due to the fact that I… Keep Reading

Gothic Rock Radio Show EP19 (Saturday 10/12/16)

GOTHIC ROCK 19 GROUND NERO – Run From Your Relatives THE LAST CRY – Shine Out THE AGNES CIRCLE – Monument ARIEL MANIKI AND THE BLACK HALOS – Colourless CRUZ DE NAVAJAS – Las Personas Son Parasitos THE ROPE – Annie GOLDEN APES – Ignorance BROTHERHOOD – The Blood Runs Cold EXPERIMENTING WITH DAWN –… Keep Reading

Click on Bandcamp: The Last Cry – Goodbye

OFFICIAL FACEBOOK Emerging from the South Coast of England, The Last Cry are a band of two eras. In their original incarnation they formed in 1985 and were together until around 1992, albeit with an ever changing line up, before going their separate ways. (Keep reading) Goodbye by The Last Cry Keep Reading

Click on Bandcamp: Ground Nero – Beyond

The GROUND is NERO and it is about the cold atmosphere, the deep darkness of the soul. It finds it’s origin in the black, Limburg mining area of the 80’S, similar to the sad, melancholic and cheerless atmosphere of the Manchester area of that time. The dark ground is the base, where bass player Peter… Keep Reading

Gothic Rock Radio Show EP18 (Saturday 03/12/16)

GOTHIC ROCK 18 THE FLATFIELD – With Me GOLDEN APES – Cedars Of Salt DATE AT MIDNIGHT – Tonight CHRISTINE PLAYS VIOLA – The Last Sacrifice HEXDRIVE – She Talks To Rainbows (Ramones Cover) SWEET ERMENGARDE – Nigredo-Clad MERCIFUL NUNS – Astral Plane DARK – Distance AEON SABLE – Laylah RHOMBUS – Daylight PHANTOM LEAF –… Keep Reading

Canis Lupus

The story of… Andreas (drums), Daniel L. (bass), Daniel S. (guitar) and Robert (vocal) met in 1999 at ”Augustibuller”, a later summer rockfestival in Lindesberg, and decided to form a band inspired by the music of The Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, The Mission and others. Later the same month, after speaking with… Keep Reading

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