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Still Patient? – Swallowed (Official Video)

….They really know their business: “Seconds Of Fame” exudes Goth-Rock tradition and guitar-driven sound; it’s well-crafted amalgam of sublime guitar chords and energetic riffs. This track is such a great opener, and “Swallowed” is the second Goth-Rock assault in a row, this song is even more electric than the first one: It has great rhythm,… Keep Reading

Long Night Strikes back!!

The Norwegian Gothic Rock heroes Long Night (Members previously in The Morendoes, Elusive, Desspo, Theatre Of Tragedy, Tristania) are back. The band is focussed on the final details for their upcoming full-length album. Name and release date still TBA. The band has spoiled 5 preview tracks on their official soundcloud page (click on the second column) and… Keep Reading

Interview with Artaud Seth | Merciful Nuns by Frater Fidens

Frater: Sarru mass Artaud! The Merciful Nuns have, in a very short space of time, climbed back to the heights of the Garden Of Delight heyday. Already onto the band’s fifth full length release with three EPs and a live album and DVD in the discography. In this interview we will delve into the GOETIA… Keep Reading

Entrevista con She Past Away – (Castellano)

She Past Away es para mucha gente EL descubrimiento de 2012. Con su mezcla de estilos e influencias enraizadas en los 80 y sus singulares letras en turco, han creado un sonido muy moderno de adictiva y cautivadora atmósfera. Su frío y oscuro sonido se ha convertido en un indispensable en las pistas de baile.… Keep Reading

Interview with Soror Dolorosa – Part II

I had the chance to interview Soror Dolorosa before their amazing show at the SGM Festival, Madrid. Andy Julia (vocals), Frank Ligabue (drums), Hervé Carles (bass), Nicolas Mons (guitar) and David-Alexandre Parquier, called DA (guitar) squeezed in the tiny backstage of the Gruta 77 to answer my questions. Thanks a lot to the band, here… Keep Reading

Bloody Dead And Sexy – Bad Ambient

Almost ten years ago I discovered the music of this band; I was browsing on the internet and I read some very positive reviews about “Paint It Red”, their first album. I really enjoyed to those razor-sharp guitars, the quite strong rhythmic section, and that theatrical voice with a very distinctive tone. Sometime later, they… Keep Reading

13 Questions to Robert Maisey (Terminal Gods, Legion)

What was the very first record you bought? The first CDs I owned where: Queen, Greatest Hits. Meatloaf, Bat Out Of Hell and The Darkness, Permission To Land. The first vinyl record I bought was the 12″ single of Temple Of Love by The Sisters Of Mercy. The Human League’s Reproduction was also one of… Keep Reading

13 Questions to Axel Keule (Reptyle)

What was the very first record you bought? The very first record was a 7″ from Hubert Kah (New German Wave) in the early 80s. The first “Wave/Goth” record was “The Caterpillar” from THE CURE in 1984. I heard the live version of “A forest” in the Radio and only remembered THE CURE, but not… Keep Reading

The Eden House – Songs For The Broken Ones – Album Preview

Current Touring Band: Stephen Carey (Adoration / This Burning Effigy) Tony Pettitt (Fields of the Nephilim/NFD) Simon Rippin (Red Sun Revival /NFD/Nefilim) Rob Leydon (Red Sun Revival) Bob Loveday (Violinist for Bob Geldof/Van Morrison) Louise Crane Meghan-Noel Pettitt Monica Richards (Faith & The Muse) After my chat with Simon Rippin in Helsinki during his visit with… Keep Reading

13 Questions to Alex Svenson (Then Comes Silence)

What was the very first record you bought? Kraftwerk – Man Machine. What is the most expensive record have you bought? That will soon be the 70’s electronic psychedelic artist Mort Garson – “Ataraxia the Unexplained” about 40 euros + shipping on Discogs. What are your 5 very favorite bands ever? The Doors , Wendy Carlos… Keep Reading

33 GOTH BANDS You Should Know Vol. 6 Promotional Free Download

1.Subterfuge – This Long Hour (Australia) 04:45 2.Ritual Reaper – Sweet Radium (21 Days) Album Version (Sweden) 05:00 3.Miazma – Zombie Girl (Sweden) 03:09 4.Double Echo – Concrescence (UK) 05:31 5.Lost On Me – Protection (UK) 03:23 6.Fearing – Another Night (USA) 03:23 7.Supernova 1006 – Through Me (Russia) 03:04 8.Ariel Maniki and The Black… Keep Reading

Gothic Rock Radio Show EP26 (Saturday 18/02/17)

GOTHIC ROCK 026 LOCK HOWL – Nephilim MOURN AGAIN – Deep Cuts GIANT WAVES – Light To The World SEVERANCE – The Escapist THE B.D.H – Into The Shadow THE AGNES CIRCLE – The Crystal Flowers DOUBLE ECHO – Ancient Youth THE CULT – Elemental Light DR. ARTHUR KRAUSE – We Are Doomed PRINCIPE VALIENTE… Keep Reading

Click on Bandcamp: Lock Howl – Pareidolia

OFFICIAL FACEBOOK “The second release by Granite Factory records. Featuring 8 tracks of “reverb-drenched gothic post-punk” by Lock Howl.” Lock Howl caught my attention since they’ve took part of – 33 Goth Bands You Should Know Vol: II with the song – Lost In The Static -. The combination of worshipping Beastmilk meets Tribulation latest album… Keep Reading

13 Questions to Chris (The Stompcrash)

OFFICIAL SITE What was the very first record you bought? I really can’t remember the first record I bought but I remember some records my parents bought me when I was a little child, one of these was of a punk/new wave Italian singer called Alberto Camerini. What is the most expensive record have you bought?… Keep Reading

Gothic Rock Radio Show EP25 (Saturday 11/02/17)

GOTHIC ROCK 025 THE WRAITH – Death Knell SILENT SCREAM – Get Ready To Burn TRANSYLVANIA – La Lune CIVILITY – Move On MOURN AGAIN – Black Flamingos RHOMBUS – Daylight THE LAST CRY – Truth And Lies VEIL VITRIC – Nothing Key DAIMONION – Wiatr XIII STOLETI – Kabarette Voltaire PHOSGENE GIRLS – 93… Keep Reading

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