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Interview with Artaud Seth | Merciful Nuns by the Nunhood

I am driven by the search for the origins of faith, the source of all world religions and the eternal question why we dwell on this Earth. – Artaud Seth The Merciful Nuns’ topics range from Crowley magick, the Mayan prophecies to the ancient astronauts and I know what lies behind the concept is the… Keep Reading

The Woken Trees – Yells (Official Video)

BIZARRE! This was probably one the best videos I’ve ever seen in a long time, The Woken Trees debut album ‘NNON’ (2012) jumped so fast into my “Must Have – Wishlist” category since the very first time i saw this video back in the day, now i’m enjoying this underground masterpiece on vinyl, and if you’re a serious… Keep Reading

Arts Of Erebus – On The Edge Of Insanity (Official Video)

Music video for the 2012 comeback MCD “On The Edge Of Insanity” by French/German gothic rock band Arts Of Erebus. With this release, the band introduces their new lead singer Raven Burroughs. Music available as a limited CD edition at the band’s website. Filmed at Col Du Donon (Vogese mountains, Alsace, France) by Arts Of… Keep Reading

The Drowning Season – Resurrection (Official Video)

The band’s third CD, DRUM MACHINES AND AMPHETAMINES, was released in August 2011.  The name of the album created a huge discussion (on Oskar Terramortis’s Fabebook wall back in the day), between Porl King and the band. Porl King argued he was the owner of DRUM MACHINES AND AMPHETAMINES phrase. Keep Reading

Interview with Carl McCoy | Fields of the Nephilim

Carl McCoy interviewed by Tom Stamates for Cathedral 13 Internet Radio, 13 April 2006. Tom: On April 24th, ‘Mourning Sun’ is scheduled to be released in the U.S. on SPV USA; it’s been out for a few months already in Europe. I’m kinda curious if you think that the long delay between the U.S. release… Keep Reading

Interview with Carl McCoy | Fields of the Nephilim

Hablar de Fields of the Nephilim hoy, es hablar directamente del único miembro original y el único que ha tenido sus ideales claros desde el principio: Carl McCoy. Y hablar de McCoy es hablar de una leyenda viviente, un hombre culto, una persona que nunca ha querido venderse, como lo hicieron otras bandas de su… Keep Reading

Interview with Troy Payne | The Wake

Here’s an old interview that Tom Stamates from Cathedral 13 made to The Wake a few years ago… The interview for The Wake was a natural one for cathedral 13 since I had been a huge fan of theirs since stumbling upon mask which I found a local CD shop. From the first moment that… Keep Reading

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