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Then Comes Silence – Nyctophilian

Nyctophilia: nyc·to·phil·i·a (nĭk’tə-fĭl’ē-ə) n. A preference / comfort for the night or darkness. Also called scotophilia. – What a way to start a review, with a more than a romantic feeling behind the meaning of this word, also i jumped back into a classic “I only smile in the dark  – My only comfort is the… Keep Reading

Wildnorthe – Iron (Official Video)

 “Iron” is the brand new single of this young Portuguese act called Wildnorthe which one will be included on their debut EP “Awe”, for more information go to their official’s: Wildnorthe of Facebook Wildnorthe on Bandcamp Keep Reading

The Spiritual Bat – unveil brand new track – Human Museum

A few days the Italian Goth Act The Spiritual Bat revealed a brand new track followed by this statement: This is a demo version, a preview of our newest song as of today (April 27th, 2015). We are still working on some details, but you get the idea… Actually, this is obviously my programmed drums,… Keep Reading

Red Sun Revival – Mistakes (Official Video)

Directed by E Gabriel Edvy of Blackswitch Labs Model – Erica Krasickaite This is remarkably beautiful and emotional, Mistakes is included on Red Sun Revival‘s latest EP “Embers“. Very passionate layered atmospheres, a must have. This track will be part of the my annual compilation – This is Gothic Rock Vol.III ► by Oskar Terramortis Keep Reading

Peter Murphy – Eliza (Official Video)

Peter Murphy is a master, and this album has no waste. This is top quality stuff; and this artist is in a great moment: He has experience, undeniable talent, and passion. “Lion” is a brilliant album.  ► by Daniel Olvera Keep Reading

Las Novias – El León Enjaulado (Official Video)

Definitely this band called Las Novias have created their finest work to date; and I have to say that the previous works are pretty interesting. I want to invite to the non-Spanish listeners to give it a try to this album, you will find some awesome music here: Top quality production, tasty sound with great… Keep Reading

Still Patient? – Anavryn II (Official Video)

Still Patient? – They’re not that kind of band who is trying to be the same band that they were 20 years before; they are the total opposite thing here. They sound like a new band, they sound like a band from The New Millennium with innovative ideas, a refreshing perspective of Gothic Rock, and… Keep Reading

Neu Zaum feat Hanna Marsh – Albion (Official Video)

The Neu Zaum is an experimental Indie band that has its roots in the old Glam and Underground music; Bowie and Iggy Pop Berlin period, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Velvet Underground, The Cramps, Siouxsie and The Banshees, The Cult, etc The Band was formed in 2011 when guitarist of the ex–Goth band, Varjo (Shadow), Antti Lautala… Keep Reading

Sweet Ermengarde – A Promise To Fulfill (Official Video)

The fact is you can find some influences and elements of Love Like Blood, Fields Of The Nephilim, Ikon, The House Of Usher, the most darkest Golden Apes. Sometimes this album has some vibes and passages that remind me of Elusive, the early Secret Discovery, so you can imagine this cocktail in one cd. Raynham Hall… Keep Reading

Red Sun Revival – My Child (Official Video)

Red Sun Revival debut album Running from the Dawn saw the light at Robert’s home studio then it was re-touched at Earth Terminal Studios where Robert’s voice was recorded under the supervision of Louis DeWray (Nosferatu) then Mr. Stephen Carey (The Eden House) worked on the mix and then jumped to Andy Jackon’s hands (Pink Floyd, Fields… Keep Reading

Interview with Christian Leding | Salvation AMP

If  you’re into the underground of the 90’s, and if you’re a collector, probably the name The Home Of The Hitman is familiar to you. Christian Leding is back in this new decade with a new line-up and a new name under him arm. Salvation AMP is one of the most promising bands of this… Keep Reading

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