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Double Echo – Phantomime

This another very remarkable new release, and I’m very glad of listening a band such that good. Double Echo is a fascinating back-to the basics, back to the roots of Dark Music; and this is such a really refined record. They have a great heritage from awesome talented bands such as: Clan Of Xymox from… Keep Reading

Draconian Incubus – Ligeia

For lovers of Love Like Blood, The Wake, Secret Discovery, and other 90’s Gothic Rock wonders , don’t miss Draconian Incubus’ album Ligeia. Noticeable enough to be highlighted: Draconian Incubus is from Costa Rica, a country not precisely famous for its dark scene. It’s great to be able to (re)discover cult bands, bands that probably… Keep Reading

Varsovie – L’heure Et La Trajectoire

This is a great album brought to you by a French band from Grenoble. If you are a fan of the first period of French Rock band Noir Désir, you’ll love this. Although traces of Coldwave influences can also be found, as well as the inevitable mention of Joy Division, there is definitely a strong… Keep Reading

Interview with Voe and Scarlet | Angels of Liberty

Talking about the third wave and the new decade, we can find of course some iconic bands. But apart from bands like the classic Merciful Nuns, we can find other true classics, names such as Angels Of Liberty. Their name was spread like powder between the underground circles, radio shows and social media. With only two… Keep Reading

The Beauty of Gemina – The Myrrh Sessions

When I noticed that The Beauty of Gemina was planning to make some kind of acoustic album, I was trying to imagine how that would sound, because they use a lot of samplers in their music. To be honest, I usually am very disappointed with these kind of acoustic albums. In 99% of bands who… Keep Reading

Ash Code – Oblivion

A new gem coming from Italy, and released on the label Swiss Dark Nights, also the home of Geometric Vision with whom similarities are obvious, Oblivion is Ash Code’s first album. Behind the name Ash Code, Alessandro and Claudia, two youngsters with a clear talent in writing and playing catchy dark tunes. After a short… Keep Reading

Psyyke – 1983 / 1985

Here we have another hidden treasure coming out from the 80’s Finnish underground, a definitive piece of influence for the contemporary Post Punk scene of Finland. In few words (and as i used to say) this is the good and old Finnish raw and dark, Old-School Post Punk. Psyyke managed to blend the darker sound… Keep Reading

Thalie Nemesis – Nemesis

Thalie Nemesis is a solo project hailing from Marseille France. It is an interesting hybrid of Monica Richards, PJ Harvey and a Gothic blending of medieval and pagan hymns; speckled with the fine sensibilities of dark alternative rock. The casual listener will find the songs enchanting, evenly paced; while peering into the mind of this… Keep Reading

Fields of the Nephilim – Prophecy

Fields of the Nephilim just posted on their official Facebook the following statement under the name of “Prophecy”: We are happy to confirm Fields Of The Nephilim will return to O2 Shepherds Bush Empire on December 19th for what is becoming an annual winter event! The band will perform classic cuts from their extensive back… Keep Reading

Jesus Rodriguez – U Bram Piekła

Here we have a pretty interesting and refreshing Gothic Rock band coming out from Wroclaw, Poland. Jesus Rodriguez is not a Spanish guy, it’s a very experienced Gothic Rock band; they have almost 15 years doing music, and this band was founded at the dawn of the new millennium. Jesus Rodriguez have released two demo… Keep Reading

Moth – First Second

They describe it simple; and it is (really) like this: Synth Punk- Cold Wave (At its very finest!). Everything here it’s just like black velvet: An entrancing combination of darkness, elegance, evocative sonic-landscapes, passion, and lost romance. Moth was formed back in 2012, and this new band is highly talented; and they have released a… Keep Reading

Siiiii – Modern

From start to finish song quality is very high. There are no weak songs on the album and even it’s very long it’s built dramatically variable and it doesn’t get boring. Suddenly you find out you have already listened half of the album though you just pressed play. There are these atmospheric tracks which cools… Keep Reading

Shadowplay – From Darkness To Light

Named after the song created by the legendary Joy Division, Shadowplay can’t deny their Post Punk heritage; they are doing a pretty well balanced combination of Post Punk- Cold Wave and Gothic Rock, and actually they are pretty good at it, because this album has both energy and substance. “Out Of Control” is great opening theme,… Keep Reading

Aeon Sable – Visionaers

A new Aeon Sable album is great news for Gothic music and the promise to start an epic journey once again. Released on Solar Lodge at the end of 2014, Visionaers is – already – the band’s fourth album. No surprise, it’s one of the best albums of 2014. “Dawn of An Era” is a… Keep Reading

Bat Nouveau – Funeral Eyes (Official Video)

Bat Nouveau‘s origins begin with Todd Manion (Vocals/Bass) and Alex Palmer (Guitar/Programming) from Brisbane Australia in 2008. The original band name was 13 Bats, however under the threat of a lawsuit from another band of the same name, in 2011 13 Bats became Bat Nouveau! After the release of critically acclaimed EP’s Dust and Deathmask/… Keep Reading

Christine Plays Viola – European Tour 2015

European Fall Tour 2015 17 Oct 2015 —–> Czech Republic 24 Oct 2015 —–> Portugal TBA 30 Oct 2015 —–> France 31 Oct 2015 —–> France TBA 21 Nov 2015 ——> TBA 28 Nov 2015 ——> TBA 04 Dec 2015 ——> Germany TBA 11 Dec 2015 ——> Austria More gigs will be announced soon !!… Keep Reading

Silent Scream unveil brand new track – I’m Human, I’m Sexual

The Finnish Post-punkers Silent Scream just reveled via facebook great news about their upcoming third studio album: “Hello there! Here’s a track from our forthcoming third long play album “CARRION SCREAMING” . The album master is completed, Mark Ferrelli of PART 1 has drawn artwork for gatefold sleeves. So, you can expect something visually special… Keep Reading

Interview with Antti Lautala | Silent Scream

For me Silent Scream has become probably one of the most important old school post punk band of the new decade. They caught my attention with their debut album “Cinema”, where the band made a very gloomy and atmospheric post punk album, with some dark goth elements. A few months ago the band released their… Keep Reading

This is Gothic Rock Vol. II

Compilation by Oskar Terramortis Stunning compilation, this is the definitive collection of Gothic Rock of the new decade, a really gorgeous second volume featuring lots of special guests with exclusive tracks, and bands of our own roster; they were gathered in order to give you a top-quality product. This Is Gothic Rock is the second… Keep Reading

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