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Fields Of The Nephilim


Lucie Cries – Auctor Terminat Opus

Coldwave specialist label Brouillard Définitif continues its labor of bringing to light wonders from the past. After A Sordid Poppy, Neva and Odessa, this time it’s super cult band Lucie Cries’ turn. The band’s four maxi CDs, originally released between 1990 and 1993 and currently sold up to 80 euros each on Discogs, have been… Keep Reading

Secret Sight – Day Night Life

Secret Sight is a new band from Ancona, Italy; and our regular readers already know about the high level of quality in the underground scene from that country. Despite being a very young band, they have a well-defined concept, and a clear vision. They are doing a pretty well balanced combination of Gothic and Post… Keep Reading

Lebanon Hanover – Hollow Sky (Official Video)

Lebanon Hanover On Facebook Buy this record. Lebanon Hanover are Larissa Iceglass (born July 24, 1988) and William Maybelline (born March 15, 1986) The duo rose in Williams bedroom in Sunderland, UK in July 2010. Both members with a strong longing for nostalgia and severe fears of the inevitable decaying future decided to disapprove with… Keep Reading

The Glass Set – First Image

The Glass Set are a three piece, dream-pop/alternative musical outfit from Boston Mass. It’s optimistic tone and happy mood may very well be what Doctors prescribe for fans of The Sundays, My Bloody Valentine, and Lush. The pace is relaxing and awash with flanger guitar, suitable drums and charming alternating male and female vocals. The… Keep Reading

Bat Nouveau – Metamorphosis

Bat Nouveau‘s origins begin with Todd Manion (Vocals/Bass) and Alex Palmer (Guitar/Programming) from Brisbane Australia in 2008. The original band name was 13 Bats, however under the threat of a lawsuit from another band of the same name, in 2011 13 Bats became Bat Nouveau! After the release of critically acclaimed EP’s Dust and Deathmask/… Keep Reading

Double Echo – Distance (Official Video)

Double Echo is a fascinating back-to the basics, back to the roots of Dark Music; and this is such a really refined record. They have a great heritage from awesome talented bands such as: Clan Of Xymox from “Medusa”, Handful Of Snowdrops in “Land Of The Damned”, or The Danse Society from “Heaven is waiting”, and… Keep Reading

Grooving In Green – Ninth Circle (Official Video)

The UK Gothic Rock act Grooving In Green posted on their official Facebook the following message regarding their upcoming brand new work:  “The new EP is now available for pre-order on our Bandcamp site. Check out our new video for Ninth Circle featuring Eden House founder Stephen Carey”     Keep Reading

Reptyle – Night And The River

Reptyle could be considered as one of the pioneering acts of new millennium wave of Gothic Rock. What I like a lot about this band is the fact that they have established a unique style. They have influence of great classic Gothic Rock bands, but Reptyle sounds like nobody and nobody sounds like them. They have… Keep Reading

Double Echo – Phantomime

This another very remarkable new release, and I’m very glad of listening a band such that good. Double Echo is a fascinating back-to the basics, back to the roots of Dark Music; and this is such a really refined record. They have a great heritage from awesome talented bands such as: Clan Of Xymox from… Keep Reading

Draconian Incubus – Ligeia

For lovers of Love Like Blood, The Wake, Secret Discovery, and other 90’s Gothic Rock wonders , don’t miss Draconian Incubus’ album Ligeia. Noticeable enough to be highlighted: Draconian Incubus is from Costa Rica, a country not precisely famous for its dark scene. It’s great to be able to (re)discover cult bands, bands that probably… Keep Reading

Varsovie – L’heure Et La Trajectoire

This is a great album brought to you by a French band from Grenoble. If you are a fan of the first period of French Rock band Noir Désir, you’ll love this. Although traces of Coldwave influences can also be found, as well as the inevitable mention of Joy Division, there is definitely a strong… Keep Reading

Interview with Voe and Scarlet | Angels of Liberty

Talking about the third wave and the new decade, we can find of course some iconic bands. But apart from bands like the classic Merciful Nuns, we can find other true classics, names such as Angels Of Liberty. Their name was spread like powder between the underground circles, radio shows and social media. With only two… Keep Reading

The Beauty of Gemina – The Myrrh Sessions

When I noticed that The Beauty of Gemina was planning to make some kind of acoustic album, I was trying to imagine how that would sound, because they use a lot of samplers in their music. To be honest, I usually am very disappointed with these kind of acoustic albums. In 99% of bands who… Keep Reading

Ash Code – Oblivion

A new gem coming from Italy, and released on the label Swiss Dark Nights, also the home of Geometric Vision with whom similarities are obvious, Oblivion is Ash Code’s first album. Behind the name Ash Code, Alessandro and Claudia, two youngsters with a clear talent in writing and playing catchy dark tunes. After a short… Keep Reading

Psyyke – 1983 / 1985

Here we have another hidden treasure coming out from the 80’s Finnish underground, a definitive piece of influence for the contemporary Post Punk scene of Finland. In few words (and as i used to say) this is the good and old Finnish raw and dark, Old-School Post Punk. Psyyke managed to blend the darker sound… Keep Reading

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