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NFD ‎- Waking The Dead

NFD-Waking-The-Dead-2014If there’s a band which rises so much expectation and acceptance between the fans of FOTN (after FOTN of course!) it is NFD; and this is because they are legitimate continuators (alongside with Last Rites) of the Nephilinism, by the inclusion of the original FOTN bass player and co-founder, Tony Pettitt. In my opinion NFD should be apart from comparisons, they are carrying the torch of Gothic Rock with pride, and every record is a step forward for them as a band. The band has been around for ten years, NFD is a consolidated entity in the Gothic Rock scene of The New Millennium; and here’s their third full-length album…

Waking The Dead” has an almost-ritualistic atmosphere at the beginning; the intensity escalates with the use of abrasive guitar riffs and dramatic chords, the track has a perfect balance. This is a ten-minute epic, it’s so well constructed and it exudes an exquisite musicianship. “Got left behind” displays some of the melodic harmonies of the Goth Rock of The Eden House, but in steroids (and this is not strange because there are people involved in both bands) I like the guitar work in this one so much: This combination of classic Gothic Rock guitar sound, and metalized- grinding riffs sounds pretty well here. “Spiral” has crushing rhythmic guitars combined with classic Goth guitars in the foreground; the rhythm section is strong, and the voice has power and density.

This track is solid as a block of steel. “Let You Fall” has very deep introspection, and is an utterly passionate tune; it has melancholic chords and it rises to higher peaks of intensity. After this evocative atmosphere; “Red Sky Burning” is a like total sucker punch: Those guitar riffs just broke into the scene like a wrecking ball; this is Gothic music with a huge Rock-ing background. It’s hardened Gothic Rock, and it sounds really BIG.

“The Great Divide” is another mid-tempo Gothic Rock song, with a good dose of heavy guitars and entrancing harmonies; it’s so well constructed and it has a great combination of different musical textures. “Evermore” is acoustic sound, and hypnotic harmonies. “Return To Dust” begins with a rising crescendo, and it leads us to a feast of guitars and great rhythm; this one exudes classicism, passion, and powerful vocal performance. “The Silence Of The Angels” begins with some ethereal, and trip inducing harmonies (according to the NFD standards) this song runs thru several transformations, leading us to rocking guitar passages and energetic rhythms, we have another epic one here. “Without End” is pure atmospheric sound; it´s just like a vortex that take you to the silence and darkness, to the very end of this album.

I have been listening/ reading comments of people talking about how abrasive are the guitars, or how heavy could be their sound, if it is “too much” for Gothic Rock, etc., but I don’t care! NFD is creating a powerful and hardened Gothic Rock sound; they are a pretty well-tuned machinery that can bring us great excitement, and deep tunes as well: And this is really awesome indeed. In my experience, have to say that I listened many times to this record in order to appreciate all of the textures, and sounds of this highly-detailed work. After some years of waiting, fans have been eager and NFD delivers! This is their most perfectly balanced work to date: BIG album!► by Daniel Olvera
NFD – Waking The Dead (2014)
Jungle Records
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